Saturday, 24 August 2013

Another Hero Try To Be........

After loosing in the last general election to XAVIER JAYAKUMAR A/L ARULANANDAM from PKR with 15633 in majority votes , now another self made hero came into the highlight .

Saying others not doing their job and ask others to curb the issue or problems in our own house is totally absurd. Chief youth from MIC bringing up this issue on Police not doing their job . To me is totally unacceptable . Asking government to do this and that and this and that . After 1 to another request . Don't ask what the country could do for you . Ask yourself , what can you contribute to our beloved country . Asking and comment is the up most easiest things to do . Change our mind on this approach . Contribution is more meaningfull rather than wait for the good things to happened .

Lets make it a small example from the small area such as DUN Andalas . Everywhere the is a sign of gangs name over the wall , at the bus stop , in the public lift everywhere noting 24 Tops . As local communities understanding 24 Top is a long time gangs involving Indian Community locally . Under Andalas constituency there is a lot of Hindu temples everywhere . Regarding comment made that government should help doing religeous classes etc , what is the main contributing factor from MIC itself since MIC also is part of BN and the ruling government ? Its like spitting over own face at the same time doesn't it?

Controlling boarder etc to curb the firearm smuggling , its a long shot issue which already being debated for donkey years . So ? what is the solution over this? Can MIC bring up this matter into parliment or cabinet to discuss and came out with a solid conclusion on ways to curb smuggling activities from the boarders rather than pin point and diverting this issue which lead to vexatious to people reading baseless accusation and comments from all this self made heroes.........

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Good Ridden Bad Rubbish....MOH

This case come across my mind. Happened in late 2011. ........ 'Good ridden bad rubbish' came to light when Malacca Hospital ran short of medicine as was highlighted in the media and the ensuing report in the Star of 12th DEC " The medicine shortage at Malacca Hospital has been resolved as additional funds were disbursed to the hospital " - and it points to the fact that the underlying issue behind the (so-called) shortage was that - allocation of fund for supply was never received by the health department in FULL from the beginning of every year. 

 My view over this issue :
Firstly, lets be honest (or -in case you're not aware) - the issue of shortage of medicine in Malaysian health institution is perennial and it involved all the states.
Secondly, Health instituitions were only allocated with partial funds with emphasis that an estimated budget justification to be submitted for approval in the month of MAY (of every year) in order to qualify for replenished stock - this is an instruction. From here-on the process of disbursement through "waran peruntukan" from the various level of divisions even in the State Health Dept- take ages to be finalised.
Thirdly, the delay in the above process forced the health institutions to borrow medicine from other statesas far as Kedah,Johore, Kuantan ... and this is time consuming and will blow up additional cost in transportation.
Fourthly, MOH has given instruction for pharmacy to keep only 2 months stock of medicine and one monthbuffer making a total of three months stock. Therefore,juggling of distribution for medicine will be made evenworse when VIP takes 6 months supply ( term VIPs need not be elaborated because MOH is well aware of).
Fifth, the amount of inconvenience being subjected to the suffering patients is very sinful to mention when they have to make 2 or 3 trips just to meet their medicinal needs.
Sixth, comments from authority is unfairly demotivational. ...." they (hospital) should have taken proactive action to replenish stock of medicine as they are aware that supply was running low as of September."" Health DG not satisfied with the slow response of the hospital staff".
Seventh, what happen to all the statistics (if theres any) - doesn't MOH (DG) believe in statistics ?

Doesn't anyone in the MOH wants to know or interest him/herself to find out how much is the yearly requirement (medicine) for the entire country ? Who gets what how much ? when & where is the peak period ? catagory of medicine - the speed & pattern of distribution - back-up planning and above all the detailed pricing - competitive substitutes etc.etc..... The above excerpt may look routine to the nonchalant -MOH (DG)- but in reality it could be a tip of the iceberg.

Lets unfold the whole scenario :-
The root cause of the problems is the Bahagian Kewangan KKM under DG's office and not at the institutional level - Hospital and Health Clinic. Again, distributions do not follow proper and indepth study by MOH when listing out priority to the various institutions. For example, Health Clinics usually have much smaller budget when compared with big hospitals but be duly aware that the number of patients & prescriptions issued by some of these Health Clinics may be bigger than some of the small district Hospitals.Why can't DG office disburse the WHOLE allocation as early as January of the year since the yearly budget has been allocatedby the Govt after the BUDGET session ? Why release partial allocation and insist on budget justifications estimate in the month of MAY of every year? Can't anyone in the DG office or from the ministry analyse the entire requirements especially after the numerousmeetings held by the head of departments year in and year out (for several years now) ? It only points out to fact that all the personnel representing the various dept of the MOH on controlling or implicate in this issue are indeed - inefficient and need to be replaced by knowledgeable people from the private sectors. ( mind you -these people are also known as VIP). Even the Malacca MB Dato' M. Ali Rustam is spot on when he said that "the shortage was due to ministry's failure in releasing the rest of yearly allocations(RM 3.5m) needed in September by the hospital to buy the medicine." The whole issue became even worst and pathetic when the very Minister himself admitted that he was not aware of the shortage !!!!@@#$#@!*&^ , take a stand and lets put this issue of shortages and the more underlying inefficiencies in perspective and be objective and remain focus in putting the house (MOH) in order.

 Afterall, the substance that you are made of does not reflect the person who likesto emphasise and take great pain in making human more resourceful as had been impacted in the many of the articles. ....." Make good service a way of life - public must reach out across the aisles to all our partners and critics -everyone of them isour customer, even our harshest critics - as service providers,we must accept critism as a gift ;a gift for improvement withoutwhich we remain stagnant and torpid - we must work off humility and integrity as our points of reference " and may I add -( do not be more concerned on who wrote why-).. but be more concerned on the content of the write-up. All the mentions in the above do not include signed concession for medicine supply all over Malaysia until 2019 and the new price list from Pharmaniaga.
This could be a time bomb !!!!!

Who Destroyed The Pharmacy Profession?

Whilst the subject matter is still fresh in my mind, lets reminisce the events and issues that have led to the infamous screwed-up by the pharmaceutical div of the MOH - and to further probe on the overal downright inefficiencies and failures of the MOH to address the shortcoming, I would now like to further draw the attention to the article that was published in  the Sin Chew newspaper dated 20th July 2012, with the English translation as " Who Destroyed The Pharmacy Profession ? "  This article was written by an embittered, hopelessly frustrated pharmacist who had worked with the govt for 8 years and  had already resigned citing her utmost regret in having chosen the profession.

Voicing her disappointments, she specifically  innumerate points by points her frustrations that I believe MOH owed her and the nation, grave explainations. Salient amongst those highlighted is the govt 1care project where JPA is mysteriously entrusted to plan and initiate a project  to involve a selected company known as " ORATIS" to oversee this ambitious project purportedly to benefit the general public  including the pensioners. Strangely, KKM & Bahagian Farmasi tidak tahu menahu pun tentang project ini. This I can say that  the plumber is now doing the cobblers job.(cara ini kan biasalah - in the civil service). Now this is what I call "the right hand  does not know what the left hand is doing. Central to this project (1care) is the govt's intention to minimise cost on all medicines and drugs that had increased many fold due  to lack of monitoring or responsibility from the regulatory authourities where manufactures,distributors,dispensing doctors and  community pharmacists can sell the medicines at their own whim and fancy (desired price) to mantain normal supply and demand.

 Hence, this remains ambiguous as regards to the direction this department/project is upholding and the current drug-pricing issues  highlighted the need to implement a medicine pricing policy and a price-monitoring system in M'sia. But for JPA to decipher and to partake the intricasies of the entire systems is beyond anyone's wildest imaginations. Instead of saving cost, the govt would be saddled with higher expenditure on account of uncontrolled and unregulated pricing. If analysis done points by  points will show the greatest injustice and gross inefficiency on the part of MOH to forsake the de facto (experts) of the  division of the ministry and to blindly prioratise irrelevant party as caretaker to this most explosive issues....kenapa berok di susukan sedangkan anak kesayangan (keutamaan) kelaparan dan terbiar.

 Anybody who reading this who has the place to change , I hereby seek your wisdom and your high intellectual capacity to fathom the above issue and to steer the nation into becoming a more modern and highly-skilled,respectable and robust place to live in, otherwise, with too many  "bozzos" in the (govt) midst this country would soon be placed behind Laos/Cambodia/Myanmar/Indon... Since the government spearheading the tranfomasion programmes it would be most befitting  to probe on the elements of corruption and too many uncomfartable/pathetic matters of the various govt's HODs - and their 'telatah' - mostly the real culprits.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Bravo PDRM . This is the best prolong effort made by PDRM and hopefully the sustainability of this OPS can be maintained from time to time .

Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) has declare war against individual or crime suspect under Ops Cantas Khas this week through out the country . This operation will involve road blocks , checking on the business and residential  premisses and to search all the active crime suspect which were ex-convict under Ordinan Darurat (OD) . Individual which were detained in this operation and involved in any triad , tugs and threaten the safety and security of the public will be charge under Crime Prevention Act for 24hrs .

 So far 14 cases of shooting happened in Malaysia since April this year . On 19th. August police manage to shot death all 5 person (age 21 to 31) which involved in criminal cases involving firearms . Early investigation result shows 90% of recent shooting cases involving detainee under OD before . Even the price to shot death a person in Malaysia has been reveiled in the newspaper ranging from RM500 to RM15000 . This is very bad . Royal Malaysian Police force has declare war against this issue . This is the most nobel and brave effort done by PDRM and we Malaysian should support this effort 100% without prejudice .

As usual , some people opposed this effort . They question the action taken by the force . This issue is politicies by few individuals who act as Hero to some.....People......imagine that our own family member is the do we feel about it . When the statistic shown increase people will blame PDRM for not doing their job but when they do some people will questioning their action . I really don't understand this . The opposition , it is not a mandatory action to opposed what ever done by the ruling government . I think you the opposition take the term "OPPOSITION" in a different view . Opposed what is wrong and your responsibility to say and to highlight what is right . Contribute rather than commenting . It is easy to comment and this is the most irresponsible act a person can do . Comment and suggest is better . You say what is wrong and propose back what is supposed to be right things to do . Police also a human being . They have families too . When dealing with this tugs using firearms , if you yourself what do you think you going to do? 

It is sad and very frustrating when few people start commenting baselessly over this issue blaming PDRM . Some started to link the action to disunite the people by accusing PDRM taking action over certain races in Malaysia . What is this? Sometimes I wonder if this people being paid by somebody just to stir up the harmonies of multiracial communities in Malaysia especially by the politician . I wonder how true is this ?

People.....we really have to start using our brain before any action we took . This country are moving forward with a very fast pace and we Malaysian has to cope up with the stream . This era is no more an era for a person who refuse to use their brain and senselessly . Person who lack of judgement . Person who are not knowledgeable .

Be smart . Be honest . Be thankful . Be a responsible Malaysian . The country is changing and so are we . Think before you act ! Think before you say ! Most Malaysian are smart enough to determined whose the HERO and the FOOLS . So ....... don't try to be one! We have to give credit to good effort done by few and this is one of it definitely without question!                    

Why Should I Start blogging

This is my first posting....Too many things on my mind . Too many things happened in this country . Too many new scenario exist . Is it a good omen ? A sign of maturity and justice prevails or it is a starting path filled with anger , retaliation , liars , rumors that will lead to destruction  of all good things that has been build over half a century .

At first , I am one of the millions so called a "SILENT MAJORITY" but after thinking a great thought in current surrounding scenario it will lead to nowhere. Wise man said ..... Silent Speaks Louder Than Words.....and I agree with the statement but under some circumstances Silent has to be break in order to archive something out of nothing. This make me start from today onwards to start saying OUT what need to be said . My Opinion . My Judgement . My Piece of Mind . 

I believe , everything happened for a reason . To realize this statement , each and everyone of us Malaysian has a great responsibilities to ensure what ever we do , we speak , we write , we post , we decide etc happen for a good reason without jeopardizing what goods that have been built by others .

It scared me to read from posting done in the blogs , facebook and articles currently on the topics expression of such in a very negative manners , 0 Facts , Raw Accusation etc that will lead to disunited on all the people in this country . It is hard now to determined a friend or a foe . To me , I understand some people are frustrated over what has happened that struck our country with issue like bribe , money politics , misused of power , sign of inflation and a dozen more reasons . The question it worth making a drastic decision on changing current scenario with a shallow thinking and judgement without considering on what would happen next? Me myself sometimes felt the same way . We are human . We tend to make mistake but it is not an excuse for us to repeat the mistake over and over again . Ask ourself.....what we can contribute individually in a very secure action which doesn't jeopardizing stability and peace of this country . Malaysian in this era are nothing like Malaysian in the past 10-15 years ago . Everybody are wiser . All aware of our right as Malaysian in this country . The channel of information are very advanced and precised . This is the time we who are living in this era must change our mindset to suit this environment . Think wisely using knowledge and rationale thought before we act .

Time already shown 2+ in the morning , and this is my first expression and i will continue tomorrow . A lot more in my mind which I am eager to share my thought . It is not just an empty thought......It is something worth sharing to others....

I can now close......

See ya.