Saturday, 24 August 2013

Another Hero Try To Be........

After loosing in the last general election to XAVIER JAYAKUMAR A/L ARULANANDAM from PKR with 15633 in majority votes , now another self made hero came into the highlight .

Saying others not doing their job and ask others to curb the issue or problems in our own house is totally absurd. Chief youth from MIC bringing up this issue on Police not doing their job . To me is totally unacceptable . Asking government to do this and that and this and that . After 1 to another request . Don't ask what the country could do for you . Ask yourself , what can you contribute to our beloved country . Asking and comment is the up most easiest things to do . Change our mind on this approach . Contribution is more meaningfull rather than wait for the good things to happened .

Lets make it a small example from the small area such as DUN Andalas . Everywhere the is a sign of gangs name over the wall , at the bus stop , in the public lift everywhere noting 24 Tops . As local communities understanding 24 Top is a long time gangs involving Indian Community locally . Under Andalas constituency there is a lot of Hindu temples everywhere . Regarding comment made that government should help doing religeous classes etc , what is the main contributing factor from MIC itself since MIC also is part of BN and the ruling government ? Its like spitting over own face at the same time doesn't it?

Controlling boarder etc to curb the firearm smuggling , its a long shot issue which already being debated for donkey years . So ? what is the solution over this? Can MIC bring up this matter into parliment or cabinet to discuss and came out with a solid conclusion on ways to curb smuggling activities from the boarders rather than pin point and diverting this issue which lead to vexatious to people reading baseless accusation and comments from all this self made heroes.........

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