Thursday, 22 August 2013

Good Ridden Bad Rubbish....MOH

This case come across my mind. Happened in late 2011. ........ 'Good ridden bad rubbish' came to light when Malacca Hospital ran short of medicine as was highlighted in the media and the ensuing report in the Star of 12th DEC " The medicine shortage at Malacca Hospital has been resolved as additional funds were disbursed to the hospital " - and it points to the fact that the underlying issue behind the (so-called) shortage was that - allocation of fund for supply was never received by the health department in FULL from the beginning of every year. 

 My view over this issue :
Firstly, lets be honest (or -in case you're not aware) - the issue of shortage of medicine in Malaysian health institution is perennial and it involved all the states.
Secondly, Health instituitions were only allocated with partial funds with emphasis that an estimated budget justification to be submitted for approval in the month of MAY (of every year) in order to qualify for replenished stock - this is an instruction. From here-on the process of disbursement through "waran peruntukan" from the various level of divisions even in the State Health Dept- take ages to be finalised.
Thirdly, the delay in the above process forced the health institutions to borrow medicine from other statesas far as Kedah,Johore, Kuantan ... and this is time consuming and will blow up additional cost in transportation.
Fourthly, MOH has given instruction for pharmacy to keep only 2 months stock of medicine and one monthbuffer making a total of three months stock. Therefore,juggling of distribution for medicine will be made evenworse when VIP takes 6 months supply ( term VIPs need not be elaborated because MOH is well aware of).
Fifth, the amount of inconvenience being subjected to the suffering patients is very sinful to mention when they have to make 2 or 3 trips just to meet their medicinal needs.
Sixth, comments from authority is unfairly demotivational. ...." they (hospital) should have taken proactive action to replenish stock of medicine as they are aware that supply was running low as of September."" Health DG not satisfied with the slow response of the hospital staff".
Seventh, what happen to all the statistics (if theres any) - doesn't MOH (DG) believe in statistics ?

Doesn't anyone in the MOH wants to know or interest him/herself to find out how much is the yearly requirement (medicine) for the entire country ? Who gets what how much ? when & where is the peak period ? catagory of medicine - the speed & pattern of distribution - back-up planning and above all the detailed pricing - competitive substitutes etc.etc..... The above excerpt may look routine to the nonchalant -MOH (DG)- but in reality it could be a tip of the iceberg.

Lets unfold the whole scenario :-
The root cause of the problems is the Bahagian Kewangan KKM under DG's office and not at the institutional level - Hospital and Health Clinic. Again, distributions do not follow proper and indepth study by MOH when listing out priority to the various institutions. For example, Health Clinics usually have much smaller budget when compared with big hospitals but be duly aware that the number of patients & prescriptions issued by some of these Health Clinics may be bigger than some of the small district Hospitals.Why can't DG office disburse the WHOLE allocation as early as January of the year since the yearly budget has been allocatedby the Govt after the BUDGET session ? Why release partial allocation and insist on budget justifications estimate in the month of MAY of every year? Can't anyone in the DG office or from the ministry analyse the entire requirements especially after the numerousmeetings held by the head of departments year in and year out (for several years now) ? It only points out to fact that all the personnel representing the various dept of the MOH on controlling or implicate in this issue are indeed - inefficient and need to be replaced by knowledgeable people from the private sectors. ( mind you -these people are also known as VIP). Even the Malacca MB Dato' M. Ali Rustam is spot on when he said that "the shortage was due to ministry's failure in releasing the rest of yearly allocations(RM 3.5m) needed in September by the hospital to buy the medicine." The whole issue became even worst and pathetic when the very Minister himself admitted that he was not aware of the shortage !!!!@@#$#@!*&^ , take a stand and lets put this issue of shortages and the more underlying inefficiencies in perspective and be objective and remain focus in putting the house (MOH) in order.

 Afterall, the substance that you are made of does not reflect the person who likesto emphasise and take great pain in making human more resourceful as had been impacted in the many of the articles. ....." Make good service a way of life - public must reach out across the aisles to all our partners and critics -everyone of them isour customer, even our harshest critics - as service providers,we must accept critism as a gift ;a gift for improvement withoutwhich we remain stagnant and torpid - we must work off humility and integrity as our points of reference " and may I add -( do not be more concerned on who wrote why-).. but be more concerned on the content of the write-up. All the mentions in the above do not include signed concession for medicine supply all over Malaysia until 2019 and the new price list from Pharmaniaga.
This could be a time bomb !!!!!

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