Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Bravo PDRM . This is the best prolong effort made by PDRM and hopefully the sustainability of this OPS can be maintained from time to time .

Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) has declare war against individual or crime suspect under Ops Cantas Khas this week through out the country . This operation will involve road blocks , checking on the business and residential  premisses and to search all the active crime suspect which were ex-convict under Ordinan Darurat (OD) . Individual which were detained in this operation and involved in any triad , tugs and threaten the safety and security of the public will be charge under Crime Prevention Act for 24hrs .

 So far 14 cases of shooting happened in Malaysia since April this year . On 19th. August police manage to shot death all 5 person (age 21 to 31) which involved in criminal cases involving firearms . Early investigation result shows 90% of recent shooting cases involving detainee under OD before . Even the price to shot death a person in Malaysia has been reveiled in the newspaper ranging from RM500 to RM15000 . This is very bad . Royal Malaysian Police force has declare war against this issue . This is the most nobel and brave effort done by PDRM and we Malaysian should support this effort 100% without prejudice .

As usual , some people opposed this effort . They question the action taken by the force . This issue is politicies by few individuals who act as Hero to some.....People......imagine that our own family member is the do we feel about it . When the statistic shown increase people will blame PDRM for not doing their job but when they do some people will questioning their action . I really don't understand this . The opposition , it is not a mandatory action to opposed what ever done by the ruling government . I think you the opposition take the term "OPPOSITION" in a different view . Opposed what is wrong and your responsibility to say and to highlight what is right . Contribute rather than commenting . It is easy to comment and this is the most irresponsible act a person can do . Comment and suggest is better . You say what is wrong and propose back what is supposed to be right things to do . Police also a human being . They have families too . When dealing with this tugs using firearms , if you yourself what do you think you going to do? 

It is sad and very frustrating when few people start commenting baselessly over this issue blaming PDRM . Some started to link the action to disunite the people by accusing PDRM taking action over certain races in Malaysia . What is this? Sometimes I wonder if this people being paid by somebody just to stir up the harmonies of multiracial communities in Malaysia especially by the politician . I wonder how true is this ?

People.....we really have to start using our brain before any action we took . This country are moving forward with a very fast pace and we Malaysian has to cope up with the stream . This era is no more an era for a person who refuse to use their brain and senselessly . Person who lack of judgement . Person who are not knowledgeable .

Be smart . Be honest . Be thankful . Be a responsible Malaysian . The country is changing and so are we . Think before you act ! Think before you say ! Most Malaysian are smart enough to determined whose the HERO and the FOOLS . So ....... don't try to be one! We have to give credit to good effort done by few and this is one of it definitely without question!                    

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