Thursday, 22 August 2013

Who Destroyed The Pharmacy Profession?

Whilst the subject matter is still fresh in my mind, lets reminisce the events and issues that have led to the infamous screwed-up by the pharmaceutical div of the MOH - and to further probe on the overal downright inefficiencies and failures of the MOH to address the shortcoming, I would now like to further draw the attention to the article that was published in  the Sin Chew newspaper dated 20th July 2012, with the English translation as " Who Destroyed The Pharmacy Profession ? "  This article was written by an embittered, hopelessly frustrated pharmacist who had worked with the govt for 8 years and  had already resigned citing her utmost regret in having chosen the profession.

Voicing her disappointments, she specifically  innumerate points by points her frustrations that I believe MOH owed her and the nation, grave explainations. Salient amongst those highlighted is the govt 1care project where JPA is mysteriously entrusted to plan and initiate a project  to involve a selected company known as " ORATIS" to oversee this ambitious project purportedly to benefit the general public  including the pensioners. Strangely, KKM & Bahagian Farmasi tidak tahu menahu pun tentang project ini. This I can say that  the plumber is now doing the cobblers job.(cara ini kan biasalah - in the civil service). Now this is what I call "the right hand  does not know what the left hand is doing. Central to this project (1care) is the govt's intention to minimise cost on all medicines and drugs that had increased many fold due  to lack of monitoring or responsibility from the regulatory authourities where manufactures,distributors,dispensing doctors and  community pharmacists can sell the medicines at their own whim and fancy (desired price) to mantain normal supply and demand.

 Hence, this remains ambiguous as regards to the direction this department/project is upholding and the current drug-pricing issues  highlighted the need to implement a medicine pricing policy and a price-monitoring system in M'sia. But for JPA to decipher and to partake the intricasies of the entire systems is beyond anyone's wildest imaginations. Instead of saving cost, the govt would be saddled with higher expenditure on account of uncontrolled and unregulated pricing. If analysis done points by  points will show the greatest injustice and gross inefficiency on the part of MOH to forsake the de facto (experts) of the  division of the ministry and to blindly prioratise irrelevant party as caretaker to this most explosive issues....kenapa berok di susukan sedangkan anak kesayangan (keutamaan) kelaparan dan terbiar.

 Anybody who reading this who has the place to change , I hereby seek your wisdom and your high intellectual capacity to fathom the above issue and to steer the nation into becoming a more modern and highly-skilled,respectable and robust place to live in, otherwise, with too many  "bozzos" in the (govt) midst this country would soon be placed behind Laos/Cambodia/Myanmar/Indon... Since the government spearheading the tranfomasion programmes it would be most befitting  to probe on the elements of corruption and too many uncomfartable/pathetic matters of the various govt's HODs - and their 'telatah' - mostly the real culprits.

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