Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Why Should I Start blogging

This is my first posting....Too many things on my mind . Too many things happened in this country . Too many new scenario exist . Is it a good omen ? A sign of maturity and justice prevails or it is a starting path filled with anger , retaliation , liars , rumors that will lead to destruction  of all good things that has been build over half a century .

At first , I am one of the millions so called a "SILENT MAJORITY" but after thinking a great thought in current surrounding scenario it will lead to nowhere. Wise man said ..... Silent Speaks Louder Than Words.....and I agree with the statement but under some circumstances Silent has to be break in order to archive something out of nothing. This make me start from today onwards to start saying OUT what need to be said . My Opinion . My Judgement . My Piece of Mind . 

I believe , everything happened for a reason . To realize this statement , each and everyone of us Malaysian has a great responsibilities to ensure what ever we do , we speak , we write , we post , we decide etc happen for a good reason without jeopardizing what goods that have been built by others .

It scared me to read from posting done in the blogs , facebook and articles currently on the topics expression of such in a very negative manners , 0 Facts , Raw Accusation etc that will lead to disunited on all the people in this country . It is hard now to determined a friend or a foe . To me , I understand some people are frustrated over what has happened that struck our country with issue like bribe , money politics , misused of power , sign of inflation and a dozen more reasons . The question it worth making a drastic decision on changing current scenario with a shallow thinking and judgement without considering on what would happen next? Me myself sometimes felt the same way . We are human . We tend to make mistake but it is not an excuse for us to repeat the mistake over and over again . Ask ourself.....what we can contribute individually in a very secure action which doesn't jeopardizing stability and peace of this country . Malaysian in this era are nothing like Malaysian in the past 10-15 years ago . Everybody are wiser . All aware of our right as Malaysian in this country . The channel of information are very advanced and precised . This is the time we who are living in this era must change our mindset to suit this environment . Think wisely using knowledge and rationale thought before we act .

Time already shown 2+ in the morning , and this is my first expression and i will continue tomorrow . A lot more in my mind which I am eager to share my thought . It is not just an empty thought......It is something worth sharing to others....

I can now close......

See ya. 

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