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Another Diversion from DAP on Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025

Recap from posting by Teo Nie Ching , DAP Asst. National Publicity Sec and MP for Kulai in DAPMalaysia.org yesterday urging Muhyiddin Yassin to review Bahasa Malaysia lesson to 240 minutes per week in vernacular schools.

This is a very interesting post done by DAP . The best part of this posting is they even produce statistical data which clearly mirror the decision that has been made unanimously by all related party.

The statistical figure produce by DAP as below (based on 2010 SPM result) :

1. Minimum credit in Bahasa Malaysia : 84% Bumiputera , 63% Chinese and 57% Indian.
2. Minimum credit in english : 23% Bumiputera , 42% Chinese and 37% Indian.

The decision made by government under New Education Blueprint is :

1. Bahasa Malaysia subject teaching hours increase from 180 minutes to 240 minutes per week.
2. English subject teaching hours at vernacular school at 150 minutes and government school at 300
    minutes per week.

No need for me to elaborate more on the very basic visual statistical data reflecting on the decision made by the government. This action is NOBLE. Even MCA has earlier support this policy.

My humble opinion is , We Malaysian has to master our National Language BAHASA MALAYSIA. Thats what any other citizen in any country would do. We must uplift the souverignity of our National Language by no other means. It is an absolute. English must be master as well as an internaltional language ( second ). Do you know that , the only country in the world recoznize and develope Chinese Education outside China is ONLY MALAYSIA ? Don't dare to say the government sideline vernacular school. Decision only be made after long lasting discussion among all related parties which involved all the representative races in Malaysia. Don't try to link this issue towards racial citement.

Let me elaborate more on the vernicular school background . DAP for me are mirroring Dong Jiao Zong action. Are they came from the same platform or manage by the same organisation.....ok here it is . Dong Jiao Zong is 2 organisation which championing Chinese education in Malaysia. Dong Zong is a Managing Association for Chinese School and Jiao Zong is a Chinese School Teacher Association .
Issues brought up by Dong Zong is:-
1. Currently , there is 1294 SJKC in Malaysia which is built in high occupant of chinese area. Out of
    1294 school , 455 school with student less than 150 pupil.
2. Lack of school teacher in Chinese School and Ministry sending teachers without Chinese medium.
3. Criticised government policies on national education and accusing it is not fair for Chinese
Government action against the issue brought up by Dong Zong is:-
1. Government spending RM 1.8 bil a year to pay salary for the teacher in vernicular school and to
    manage the school. In 2012 budget , PM has allocate special additional fund of RM 100 mil to
    maintain and build up SJKC.

2. Ministry of education has take the initiative to trained teachers for SJKC. In 2009 , there is a
    shortage of 4991 teachers and has been reduce to 3043 and in 2011 to 2720 . In 2012 , the number
    getting lower at 1874 . Out of this number of teacher shortage , ministry has appointed Interim
    teacher and the final 392 shortage can be proposed by the headmaster/mistress of SJKC for
    the appointment by the Ministry of Education.

Restless by this , Dong Zong once again assemble in New Era Collage field in Kajang on 25th. March 2012. They submit their 4 request to the government:
1. Remove immediately all teachers in SJKC which not have Chinese Language proficiency.
2. To send all SJKC Chinese medium teachers which teaching bahasa Malaysia and English for more
     than 3 years for a special course to master them with all 3 languages.
3. To create Chinese language group in Teaching Institute and structure SJKC teacher training
     scheme to more systematic to cater the request.
4. To study back National Education Act to ensure the plurality policies in vernicular school and
    treated equally for the survival of the existance similar to SRK.

On 21st March 2012 , Ministry of Education has drawn up 8 action to be taken to resolve teachers
shortage in SJKC.
1. 392 teachers shortage will be a direct recommendation from school head for appointment.
2. More than 100 councelling teachers which is not from Chinese medium will be immediately
    remove from SJKC and replace by experience teacher proposed by school head (temporary action)
    and appoint the suitable teachers which come from Chinese medium to replace them for the final
    action to be taken.
3. First stage is , Standard 1-3 , all teachers teaching Bahasa Malaysia and English must be proficient
    in Chinese language. Standard 4-6 , all teachers teaching Bahasa Malaysia and English is at normal
    medium (not a must from Chinese medium).
4. Bahasa Malaysia and English subject in school with less student must be proficient in Chinese
5. Not less tha 20 teachers in SJKC which teaching civic and not Chinese proficient will be remove
6. Teachers with Chinese proficient which teaching Bahasa Malaysia and English for more than 5
    years will be sent to a special training to certified them teaching the languages.
7. To increase number of lecturer in Teacher Institute . This is to train more teachers with Chinese
    proficient to cater requirement to teach in SJKC.
8. 98 teacher graduated with Diploma and with Chinese proficient will be sent to SJKC.

Other proactive action taken by government to overcome shortage of school teacher in SJKC is to
create a roundtable committee chaired by YB Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong with 5 main group involve in SJKC. They are Dong Zong , Jiao Zong and Hua Zong , Association of SJKC School Headmaster and KPPK/NUTP. On 5th. May 2012 , Dong Zong withdraw from joining the meeting , which to them the committee only discuss technical issue and not policies. Then Dong Zong doing a roadshow throughout the country in 14 location to explain to people their stand for not joining this committee and forcing the government to change policies for vernicular school. Finally Dong zong get the critics heavily from the people.

This explaination is not to defer out from the topic , but to give the fundamental of this issue. Dong Zong are so arrogant and now DAP raised up this issue on teaching hours. To me it is crystal clear that DAP are diverting all other main issue which happening in their party and make this issue 1 of the useless issue to be debate. When discussion being made , the arrogant parties would not keen to join......It is so easy to critised but are you DAP willing to contribute? DAP language and Dong Zong language are equally the same.....thats wonder me.......

We are Malaysian........Act like one......!!!

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