Saturday, 14 September 2013

Effort To Bring Former PMBK Leader Back In Action

Feels like yesterday , still fresh in my mind , on 15th. November 2009 , Kelantan UMNO Youth Leader , Anuar Sapian handed a memorandum to Kelantan SPRM Deputy Director  Muhamad Hafiz Hamzah on few issue . One of the issue trigger me back would be no other than the appointment of the famous Mursyidul Am PAS son in law Ir Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman as a Chief Executive Officer for PMBK.

Central PAS committee has urged their concern over possibilities which might tarnish the image of the party. A group from Central PAS leader pay a visit to MB at his official resident which also the father in law for Ariffahmi on 23rd. November 2009 consist of PAS President DS Abdul Hadi Awang , Vice President Salahuddin Ayub , Treasurer  Dr. Hatta Ramli and Vice Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Dr. Haron Din regarding this matter. They have unanimously agreed to removed Ariffahmi from the office. 

Another Vice president of PAS, Datuk Mahfuz Omar also cried his concern over the issue and urged Ariffahmi to resign for the sake of religion and party leadership. SPRM started their investigation over the allegation of misused of power and fraud in PMBK. SPRM act clearly mentioned that family members of MB can’t be appointed. Finally , on 24th. December 2009 , Ariffahmi handed over the resignation letter after his father in law instructed him to do so. On 29th January 2010 , Mustafa Salleh a former General manager for PKINK was appointed to replace Ariffahmi as a new CEO for PMBK. Nik Abdul Aziz admit he was not aware making the mistake on appointing his son in law as the appointment was made in the concern of all exco member and follow the procedure. According to him , during the appointment , Law Advisor for state of Kelantan also didn’t give any comment and objection.

Enough said ……….. let by gone be by gone. 

Today , someone has blown the horn……the history might just be created again………

PAS will have their party election somewhere in November 2013. Party members already started to list their candidates and the candidates has already started their move to gain support from the grass root. Lobbing is a must……the heat and battle has already begun……..

Effort has been made by  Nik Aziz lobbing newly elected MB Kelantan Datuk Ahmad Yakcop as PAS Vice President in next coming party election replacing Mat Sabu. As in favour to that , Datuk Ahmad Yakcop to re-appoint back Ariffahmi to lead PMBK. Really? This is hot…….Why can’t just let bygone be bygone? I wonder on the interest in PMBK which one just hard to let go…….

A wise man said…….Great Doubts show deep wisdom while small doubts show little wisdom…..
I had no grudge on anybody. Even the investigation was drop and closed due to insufficient evidence , but for the sake of practicing clean and religious based politics,PAS has to lead by example…..There must not be any family ties or interest in any organisation would be allowed. This is so wrong. Using power to influence others to make such not in favour decision. Be a superior leader who is modest in his speech , but exceeds in his action. Walk the talk please……

Said things which not happen yet might just be a speculation…….but it is better to speculate rather than regret seeing it turn to reality………. Only faith will be guidance to determine the sincerity and nobility of any action, if you get what I mean! By the way….No Such Thing As Free Lunch……!!!!

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