Friday, 31 January 2014

Kit Siang Hypocrisy Revealed

SEPT 17 — As a taxpayer of more than 3 decades I am increasingly
disillusioned by the present government. I am not able to call them “my”
government as they do not support me or my needs. I can very clearly see the
Government of the Malays and the Muslims but I am not able to see the
government of the Chinese, Ibans, Indians, Kadazans, Orang Asli and the rest
of us. – Lim Kit Siang


You are not disillusioned. You were not able to call them your government  just 
because they did not support on your own personal needs, not for the nation.
A seasoned and experienced leader that’s the best statements you can give? 
Come on. You should give better than this. What are your needs? Power? 
Wealth? Democracy? Freedom? Justice? Before proceeding into big picture ,
what have you done within your own party? What DAP has done so far as a 
Democratic Action Party? Does DAP practise democracy?

You were not able to see it clearly just because of your own personal vengeance 
against UMNO. There were none from your statement saying good things about the 
Are you sure that there is nothing given by the government to other races and religion?
The hatred that you show and expressed doesn't make you a better man. You should 
know that better than me. The essence of knowledge is having it, apply it, not having it, 
to confess your ignorance. The greatest deception of men suffer is from their own opinions.

Benjamin Franklin once said “The heart of a fool is in his mouth , but the mouth of a wise 
man is in his heart” . This is the best quote to describe you KS. The smallest minority on
earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of 
minorities. This is the best quote to describe your party.

My hard earned tax ringgit are being used to pay the wages of the Malay
majority civil servant (in excess of 90 per cent), build numerous suraus in
every government building, finance government projects that benefit their 
rich families and friends, etc. But why are my needs, and those of my
sisters and brothers of other ethnic origins and religious persuasions,
not supported? It would be good to see a breakdown of tax contribution by
ethnicity. It would be no surprise to see that the majority of our taxes are
contributed by Malaysians who are ignored by this government.
- Lim Kit Siang

Your hard earned tax Ringgit ? It is not just you but all other tax payer are the same. 
Majority of civil servant is Malay. Yes they are. Have you ever ask yourself why? Whose
fault is that? Government never strict only Malay can join as a government servant.
The biggest question you should ask yourself why Chinese community not keen to join.
Building surau is an issue to you? Didn't you notice that government also build temple,
church etc.?

Government spending hundreds of million ringgit every year on religious affair?
Such a small praying place (surau) built in various building because muslim has to pray 5
times a day. Different than other religion. As Malaysian, you should know that.

Malaysia is a multi racial and religion country. By bringing up this issue conclude the whole
perception about you and it seems you are already loss in your own journey.
Because of all this you say government is ignoring its own people.
Who is the government? Government is the people. Elected by the people. If you say on 
behalf of rakyat, I disagree with your statements.
How can they lead this country if rakyat not elected the government of their choice? 

Let me make it simple.....Your statement coming from your own dirty and dark guts that 
would never open and accept the truth. I seem to be straight forward am I? There were no
majority as you claimed. It is merely a minority of people like you Mr. KS. I can describe 
you based on the first 2 paragraph as a man that anti Malay and Muslim.

You have been so denial. Do you think you could do better? If the answer is yes, why 
until now majority in Malaysia still didn't trust your sincere leadership and what you 
fighting for. Wake up and make a stand together to build up this nation. Your hatred on 
Malay and Muslim community is very clear now. Why should you?
KS, you hate UMNO or Muslim Malay? Spill it out. As a democracy fighter, you yourself
didn't show that you are a believer in democracy. Shame on you. Nothing in this world is
more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. The good man 
brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man like you KS
brings evil things out of the evil stored up in your heart. For out of the overflow of your
heart, your mouth speaks.

I see the government speaking up and fighting for Malay and Muslim rights.
But why do they not defend my basic human rights? Why are my needs
ignored? Why are my rights trampled on by the government? Recently the
minister of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry was very
quick to act against employers who discriminate against women wearing the
‘tudung’ (Muslim headgear) as employees. But why is there no similar
response to all the ethnic and religious injustice meted out to those of us from
different ethnic and religious persuasions? - Lim Kit Siang

KS ,
You mentioned government speaks and fight for Malay rights. What are your basic 
human rights? What is your needs ? Again……you just blindly bark everywhere.
Didn't you notice unequal economics domination in Malaysia? You touch about NEP , 1 
Malaysia Concept etc.

You mentioned on unequality? Equality on what? Education? Highest no of student 
under PTPTN scheme no need to pay single cent on their loan as it was converted into
full scholarship was Chinese. The number is twice from Malay student and 4 times 
higher than Indian student. Has anybody questions this? NONE! How many employer 
now openly advertised job with this quote “ Chinese Candidates Only “ or “Preferred 
Chinese Candidates Only “ . Why be so denial. Surf the website. You will see. Some
even advertised openly in the newspaper. Has you seen “Malay Only” or “Preferred 
Malay Only” ? I never saw any. Now……who and whom is racist?

Chinese domination in Malaysia economy is crystal clear. How about Malays, Indians, 
Kadazans, Iban, Asli etc.? Would it be fair that government to stabilised Malaysia 
economy so it would not be monopolised by certain ethnic? Economic must be equally 
distributed to all. There must not be certain ethnic monopolisation in the economy. This 
will make our country strong and the unity of the people at its best to maintain stability 
and peace.

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