Wednesday, 19 February 2014

ANWAR : A Chameleon, Skink, Actor, Opportunist and Preacher’s

He appear to be a saints , sinners , heroes , peoples champion , world class leader and many other words to describe him. Today he chooses to be Selangorean. What amazed me is he even wear Selangor football jersey which can never been seen elsewhere in any political scenario in this country. He normally giving his speech in political forum, gathering, seminar, etc but today he started to preach in church. That what stunt me the most. He is becoming a universal preacher. He used to preach in mosque and now expanding his wing in a church. WOW! All that he has done now with a price of becoming next Menteri Besar of Selangor?

As leader of Pakatan Rakyat by all means showing a true colour of their leaders on archiving their personal goals. Pakatan Rakyat leaders today is at the lowest and ignoble level ever. Religion and race sensitivity being played out without any feels of responsibility. All the sensitive issues which may lead to chaos and bloodshed. Being ignorance which they have to bear the responsibility on national security and the people. All they are good at is blaming the existing federal government.

Among the entire component in Pakatan Rakyat, DAP pioneered this strategy. They start to penetrate society by their cyber troopers called Red Bean Army. They are special trained IT personal that specializing in psychological war (psy-war) strategy. They are the one responsible to play race and religion sentiments in cyber world and the interesting parts is they get paid for it. Their main strategy is to attract Gen-Y and Gen-X Malaysian to be with Pakatan Rakyat. Gen-Y and end of Gen-X have something in common which is on the Assertive Communication. They use this opportunity to convince both generations. Example of an Assertive Communication is “ I have a right to be heard “ , “ I have a right to ask for what I need “ , “ I have a right to make my own choices “ and “ I have a right to say NO! “. Gen-Y are the people who born in 1981 onwards and Gen-X are the people who born in 1965 to 1980. Unlike Anwar , Lim Kit Siang , Karpal , Hadi Awang , and many others senior leader in Pakatan. They are called baby Boomers ( born in 1946 to 1964 ). Their characteristic is work centric (motivated by position, perks and prestige) , Independent , Goal Oriented , Live to work , Competitive and Wealth Preservation.

Anwar clearly can be seen having work centric ethics. Pursued by motivation with position, perks and prestige. During he preached Christians communities in a church recently, he played a character of a hero by stated his stand to defend the using of word “ALLAH” by all. That is his key word to win the heart of Christians to vote him in the upcoming PRK in Kajang. A desperate attempt made by him by all means to get what he needs. A Baby Boomers himself. The religious group National Fatwa Council clearly stated that ALLAH only can be used by Muslim and no others. He even dares to challenge Sultan and Fatwa Council on this issue. PAS blessed him for this……why am I not surprise.

When preaching in mosque, he is the defender of Allah on for Muslims. When preaching in church he is the people champion that will fight to allowing the word ALLAH to be use by Christians.  The question is, by humbling himself in a church in front of Christian’s community will lead to fusion among Malaysian? A ridiculous thought.

Anwar not necessary to preached in church if he is a true sincere leader. He seems like proving himself to DAP that he will be with them until the end. Why must Anwar taken his chance to prove this to DAP? Did DAP holds his darkest secret ever? Anwar seems like over bowing to DAP lately. This is so amazing. This is nothing like Anwar which I knew before. Have you seen DAP saying good things about Anwar before? Do you think DAP allow Anwar to become Selangor Menteri Besar?

Malaysian…….think deeply before making any decision or stand. Anwar can never be a good and true leader. He is A Skink!!! He can against his own religion just to archive his goal which no other than becoming supreme leader in this country which is his cherish dream. A dream that will never come to reality.

Anwar in a wonderland...............................................................

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