Sunday, 16 February 2014

Chinese Professionals : Teresa Kok Confirmed Teasing the Government and Malays Society reported yesterday on Chinese Professionals press conference on the video Onederful Malaysia. Present to comment yesterday was American Psychology Society Members Dr. Wong Kok Fye, Lawyer Ryan Ng Chua Yie, Corporate Trainee Phoenix Low Kai Lay and Volunteer Activist Alex Lee Keat Lay.

Teresa Kok wasting her time criticizing the federal government by producing a video called Onederful Malaysia. She supposed to spend her valuable time to help those who in needed under her constituency. Alex Lee Ket Woon , A volunteer activist said, Teresa who also a DAP member keep on repeating giving excuses rather than helping people under her constituency especially for the social workers. The famous excuse made by DAP is they unable to help the people because they are not the federal government. The million dollar question now is, unable to help the people because of financial restrained but they able to produce this video instead. Teresa continuously barking from a distance and always keeps her tail off when at near.

Alex also said that, the production of this video showing the hatred and openly insulting top country leader and issues related to national securities. Early before, a character from this video claimed that she was holding and act as Mrs Jit from Hong Kong and not Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur. None of Hong Kong actor named as Mrs. Jit like she claimed to be. Now Teresa tarnished image of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur and yet she not admitting to it.

DAP always claim that they are people’s champion. They attended to people in need. This is the biggest lie of the century. They failed to deliver their promises. Alex always helping poor people from Kepong and Selayang. Why they didn’t approach their parliamentary representatives?

Professional members of American Psychology Society, Dr. Wong Kok Fye said, the character in the video was an act of chaff for transsexual group of society. He believed that this video contained a soft violence element that can contribute to socio-psychology to the society. Children who doesn’t have any political background, after watching this video will assume that it is ok to chaff transsexual society as it is a matter of jokes. This video won’t help to ease country social issues. It only will make worsen.

All those who present giving comments yesterday, unanimously agreed that this video are teasing top government leaders, education system in Malaysia and national security issues in Sabah. This video also insulting Malay society by the remark Teresa made “Malay Si” which means “Melayu Mati”.

It is very clear now how the professional make their assessment on this video. Teresa is the culprit and racist. She was backed up by all his party members in DAP for her action. This clearly shown that DAP = RACIST. They are trying to divide Malaysian by their issues on race and religion. Government should act now or the stability and peace that we had now will be thrown to drain by all these irresponsible person.

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