Friday, 14 February 2014

Malay & Islam Suprimo VS Migration? - Another Lies by DAP

Reading an article from The Malaysian Insider wrote by Koon Yew Yin on February 2014 “Should you
migrate? The 64,000-dollar question.

In his writing , all it is just a hatred , confused mind and politics. He relates all Malaysian that migrate mostly because of  “Malay Suprimo” and Islam. According to him, why Chinese and Indian migrate. Malay Suprimo “Ketuanan Melayu” and “Ketuanan Islam” intruding their personal and public life. This is his own perception, methodology and assumption. Who invades who? This is the real question as Malaysian should ask themselves. Or no one invade anyone? We live here in Malaysia for so long until these day, politician like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok and bunch others politician from DAP firing up sentiment on Race and Religion.

Try to look at the other angle. Open up your mind on this. Many Chinese and Indian still sending their child to Chinese and Indian School. They didn’t trust the national education system. We are living in a multiracial and religion country. By sending them to the ethnic school, they fail to understand others culture. Resulting from this misunderstood occurred and government to be blame. Lim Kit Siang for an example, a more than half decade politician. Clearly can be seen from his action, writing and speech that he has a sentiment for racial hatred since 1969 till these days. His words and advice is poisonous to Malaysian. I believed that Malaysian especially from Generation X and Y can think straight about this. Not like baby boomers like Lim Kit Siang. They having more straight forward thinking and their act is none others like a critical parents. If you read more about human behaviour you should understand this term clearly.

All religion free to practiced their believed. No restriction. All race free to celebrate their celebration. No restriction. Another question, some says the act of patriotism comes from inside not just from the action. I say it true and untrue. A genuine act of patriotism must come from the heart, purified heart and followed by action. How many % of Chinese served in government institution? Why they are not keen to serve in government? There is no restriction for Chinese to join government. It’s always a matter of thinking straight, purified heart and deep understanding what it makes Malaysian to be Malaysian.

Housing price booming sky high. Who’s to be blame. 100% Government? 100% Malay’s? Who is mostly a developer? Ask this question deeper and you will end up understanding all this relate back to a hatred political sentiments from all this Baby Boomers Politician. Ok, talk about migration, here is some of the facts:

There is a slight increased on migration rate from 1.9% in 2010 to 2.5% in 2011. However, there is no significant different in an International migration as pictured by Koon Yew Yin.

There are so many reasons for someone to migrate. It is not just pointing at one reason…..Malay Supremacy and Islam. Narrow minded people will lead his way to this agenda. Generation X and Y won’t buy this agenda that easily.

It is an individual right to choose either to migrate or to stay. Individual choice. We are living in a multi culture race and religion country. That makes different than other country. That what make us different. So be proud.

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