Saturday, 1 February 2014

Teresa Is A National Fanatic Nincompoop

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “ A Fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the
subject “. Teresa Kok started a racial bigotry by hosting a CNY show by insulting PM and his wife. The first word coming out from her wide mouth was ' Malay Si ' which means die Malay. A disgusting and desperate measures performed by a seasoned politician. Malay communities felt insulted.

This is not her first attempts. She has insulted Muslims community by insisting to enter mosque during prayers, she repeatedly instigating Malaysian on her posting and comment in Twitter over Allah issues. A maiden with unknown intention and direction is on the loose. Her direction seems to be aligned with her boss Lim Kit Siang whom also a seasoned politician himself. Yesterday he stirred Muslim communities by questioning Friday Sermon text produced by Jakim. DAP is showing its true colour. A racist and chauvinist party.

All the approach and action by DAP clearly showing their intention to create racial tension among
Malaysian. This is neither an accusations nor allegation. This is the fact produced by DAP top leadership in their writing and comments. All this is just a diversions on DAP internal unsolved issues. They couldn't figure out ways to solve it. This diversion issues will camouflage CEC issues, Cleansing issue and bunch of other issues in DAP.

Government must put to a STOP on this immediately. Their action will tarnish multiracial status in this country. Malaysian has started to feel unease. Few racial related incidents have happened. Please act now or things could get ugly and the harmonious living condition in Malaysia will be gone. Teresa Kok is racist and a fanatic.. That’s for sure. DAP is racist. That’s confirm. What matters to them is their personal agenda and they are hiding in the name of democracy. DAP is sodomising Democracy in Malaysia.

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