Sunday, 2 March 2014

Malaysiakini , Pioneering Modern Day Anarchism in Malaysia

The social system of capital separates most people from the conditions of existence. This compels the vast majority to accept the mediation of work and commodity consumption in order to maintain a minimal existence at the expense of their lives, desires and dreams, of their individuality. If all individuals are indeed to be free to create their lives and relations as they desire, it is necessary to create a world in which equality to access to the means and conditions of existence is reality. This requires the total destruction of economy-the end of property, commodity exchange and work. Thus we see that the generalized realization of individual freedom goes hand-in-hands with the best aspects of the anarcho-communist ideal and can only be achieved through a revolutionary transformation. This will include character assassinations, spreading rumours, playing sentiments on religion and races to divert the peoples in order to achieve their objectives. These are the best and precise description to describe Malaysiakini portals.

Malaysiakini was founded by duo Premesh A/L Chandrangwasih and Steven Gan in November 1999. In September 2012, Malaysiakini was admitted to receiving grants from National Endowment for Democracy from USA. A group of capitalist having interest on Malaysian portal web? Anarchist will explore more than they could bargain for.

Today, Modus operandi for Malaysiakini is to demolish and tarnished names of every soft target of our leaders. This will include character assassinations which they are damn good at. Malaysiakini seems having a desperate measure to tarnished Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur, wife of our Prime Minister personalities. Recently, Malaysiakini published an article with a phrase from Datin Seri Rosmah speech in a programs attended by her. Supported by 40 seconds video recording emphasized the phrase “ The rakyat have taken everything from me “. The question is, why only 40 seconds? Is there anybody in this world making a speech for only 40 seconds?

What have Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur has done to this people and they are continuously attacking her with no mercy? Did she ever stepping on somebody tails? What wrong does a prime Minister wife devotes her sincerity working for the peoples compare to some other leaders wife having scandals and immoral activities? Malaysian should stand up for Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur as she is the victims of a merciless character assassination. There are so many stories to be published. Some are direct truly unethical act by some opposition leaders.

DS Zahid Hamidi has openly criticized Malaysiakini before. A huge hu-ha for his act. What has happened recently when Zahid himself handing over Award of Best Portal to Malaysiakini? What has happened to Zahid? Did he really forget about what he stands for? Did he do that for his own personal political milestone? I do not understand his motive. This is bad. It seems like our government bless Malaysiakini and the way they published all their unethical news materials. If the voting for the best portal from the people, what has happened with Malaysian? What has Malaysians turn into? Are we forgetting the values that we had before? Is this the way Malaysian are? We are blessing lies, hatred, vengeance, injustice and without knowing we have turn ourselves back to the Stone Age. Malaysiakini spreading anarchist, communism and capitalist ideologies without Malaysian realized about this.

People of Malaysia, no matters if you are Baby Boomers, Gen-X or Gen-Y, all of us are still human. Human will not tolerate on this propaganda, ideologies and sarcasms. We are voting for the group of peoples who enjoy spreading lies, playing races and religion sentiments and definitely unethical journalism practiced. What has happened to all the nice values that we had as Malaysian before? Never cloud our judgement with hatred and vengeance. Never ever lose our sense of Malaysian beautiful heritage. I am proud to be Malaysian. Do you? It is not a scientific proposition to determine that some cultures lack political power because they show nothing similar to what is found in our culture. It is instead the sign of a certain conceptual poverty.

Malaysiakini is a menace to society. They penetrate the society by injecting anarchism and communism into the mind of Malaysian. Government of Malaysia have to act before it’s all too late. Please understand this with an open heart, mind and intelligent.

God Save Malaysia.

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