Thursday, 13 March 2014


From my previous post about how DAWAMA screwed up the trust and responsibility given to them by DBP on printing and supply chain of DBP’s product. I am worried that if Malaysia Barisan Nasional leads government failed to judge the whole scenario and still awarding DAWAMA to do same screw up for another 10 years.

DBP was born and established by the Malay scholar to preserve the sovereignty of Bahasa Melayu so that it continues to grow and never be forgotten. DBP protected under DBP act 56 which given by the mandate of Malaysia Parliament. The employee of DBP must know and recognized this. Do not betray what has been fought and preserved before.

Betrayal after betrayal’s done by DBP’s own personnel. Start with the privatization on printing, distributing and the whole supply chain of DBP. All these happened due to the cronyism in DBP. A company which have no capability to perform been awarded to take care and take charged of the whole DBP supply chain which include printing and distributing work of DBP products. The existence of Dawama causing many others to close their business. The huge amount of RM$ given to Dawama with no end result is questionable. MACC should start with their investigation paper. How could this happen. How could it possible, even the major stake holder such as Ministry of Education let this things happening right under their nose.

The good name of DBP tarnished by few people in DBP who capable to do anything including selling the sovereignty of Malays and Bahasa Melayu just to feed and satisfied their greed’s. This people’s is parasite to DBP. Eliminate this parasite before turning into an epidemic that continuing spreading.

DBP should not and never to renew the contracts with DAWAMA. DBP should do the supply chain of their products including printing by themselves. Enough is enough. Too many complaints received by supporting company or supplier of DAWAMA that they have not being paid for whatever service of job provided by them to DAWAMA to distribute DBP’s product. DAWAMA clearly failed to deliver what has been written on the earlier contract.

 Barisan Nasional government has to look at this seriously. By continuing the contract with DAWAMA is equivalent to supplying bullets for the Opposition to shoot back using own supplied bullets. Stop all bullshit and back to reality. Stop all this nonsense!!! Stop the privatisation!!! Revamp and replace DBP’s organisation with the capable, honest and reliable personnel.



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