Tuesday, 13 May 2014

DS Najib Act On Honouring DS Ahmad Said Final Wish

After  the last 13th General Election, Dato 'Seri Ahmad Said has admitted he failed to lead Umno Terengganu. Even reports from across the various levels in the state demanded that Ahmad Said to step down. An agreement has been requested by the DS Ahmad Said to give him one year period to manage certain things, before resigning as Chief Minister.

This matter was revealed to His Royal Highness the Sultan of Terengganu since a year ago and got the blessing upon his request. When the period of one year agreed by Ahmad Said a year ago to His Majesty of Sultan and it seems he refuses to step down and dishonouring his own promises. 12th of May 2014 supposed to be the expiry date for the agreement.

YAB PM Dato 'Seri Najib has done its best to ensure that Umno and BN Terengganu remain relevant to the people. Action to replace DS Ahmad Said was not a hasty act of rushing because it should have happened a year ago. DS Najib still honour DS Ahmad Said request to reign in power for only 1 year to clear off few things related to his administration.

It is clear to us all, that the action by Ahmad Said is highly improper and should not happen. He should also be aware of the position he was, the chief minister after Idris Jusoh whom being thrown out from the office after GE 12. So today it was back to the question, A principles of the party or the office. 

Ahmad Said Item should clearly explained the truth to the people. If Idris Jusoh rejected as Chief Minister for not getting the pleasure of the Sultan, and how about this time when the Sultan consented Yb Razif as Chief Minister?

Dato Sri Najib Razak was not a reckless or cruel. Ahmad Said should follow the example of former MB Earlier Idris Jusof that stays true with UMNO even from out of the office. That is the true act of honourable statesman.

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