Thursday, 26 June 2014

Former Mufti Turned Islamism Into Political Pragmatism

The former Mufti posted tweet this? What has happened? What man ever openly apologizes for religiouser?  It is not so much a feeling of slender as it is that of a massive lie, a misdeed not only to the slandered but also to those manipulated in the process. He has made them all, everyone, his enemies, thereupon he is so overwhelmed with guilt that he will deny it until his grave.

When people proves him wrong through series of photography on Kembara Mahkota Johor lead by The Royal Highness Sultan of Johor.......

As usual, as easy as A , B , C.........

The best part is, this is not his first.........

People would refer to religious man for guidance........but he gave a bad perception over the 
religious institution. Shame!

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