Friday, 27 June 2014

KPDNKK Told To Buck Up and Start Contributing The Nation

Kementerian Perdagangan dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) was established on 27.10.1990, with the aim towards encouraging ethical trade practices and to protect consumer interest. The role and functions of the Ministry have been expanded in 2009 to include the franchise and cooperative sectors. The mission are to provide a conducive business environment for the development of domestic trade and to steer the nation towards a more consumer concious and empowered society. Other missions like to develop competitive, progressive and resilient co-operatives and also to foster creativity and innovation through an effective engine. The objective of the establishment of the Ministry is to promote and encourage the development of domestic trade that is competitive and ethical while protecting the interests of consumers at large. Also to enforce and protect intellectual property rights and to enforce and eradicate exploitation in subsidized goods.

I read newspaper today about smuggling subsidized diesel and KPDNKK effort to curb this unhealthy activities. I am totally agreed with UTUSAN MALAYSIA. The first paragraph showing the objective and mission on KPDNKK establishment. No argue about it. Subsidized fuel falls under their jurisdiction. They have launched an operations called Ops Titik to overcome smuggling and misused on subsidized fuel. Question being raised. How efficient is Ops Titik?

KPDNKK as we seen in the daily news are actively leading the various government office on enforcing and curbing the fuel smuggling. Almost everyday and everywhere. As from what I see, they are far away on reaching or solving the actual root caused on this issues. Are they competent enough handling this matter? Or they themselves do not understand their own role over this issue? Or shall we called it are there traces of corruption on the air? Why I feel this way. It simply because, I didn't see any action being done on the suspected wholesaler cum smuggler of subsidized fuel. Until this day, KPDNKK concentrate on the petty issue and still not jump to the root such as thorough audit on all the suspected wholesaler. Why KPDNKK so hard to perform the audit. By doing the audit will eliminate chances for them to continue smuggling.

Instead of doing their own job role, enforcing and eradicating exploitation in subsidized goods and protecting the consumer, KPDNKK likely to take an easy way out by suggesting on a new system claimed by them can curb the smuggling. What's wrong with the current system? Why have to invent the wheel? They are diverting from the actual problem instead and creating another. The propose new system will cost millions of tax payer money. Will KPDNKK assure, by implementing this new system, smuggling and misused of subsidized fuel would be ZERO?

Honestly, my perception on KPDNKK is, they are incompetent on performing and understanding their task, role and responsibility. They should help to ease people by protecting the consumerism right and not to burden the people by all the newly created system which will create more red tapes and tons of bureaucratic. Incompetents invariably make trouble for people other than themselves. Somebody on top in KPDNKK should be remove. Stop taking easy way out. Seriously stop looking the solution for this smuggling issues in a petty manner. Look at the big picture. Start thinking outside the box. There is no room for non-performer and incompetent leader in this 21st century. Hopefully PM will seriously look on KPDNKK structure.


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