Friday, 18 July 2014 a national nincumpoop

The difference between stupidity and genius has its limits. Malaysia kini done it again. Attack after attack to DS Najib and families. Yesterday, DS Rosmah Mansur, wife of our prime minister turn to be the spotlight.

Malaysiakini are so desperate. How can a well k own portal publishing rubbish. This article is totally crap. I am not sure either Malaysiakini making joke out of the issue (which they are good at...) or after being pressure by PM suit against them, they are lost and start exposing their true stripe of stupidity. MH17 issue is to sensitive to make a fun out of it. Malaysiakini is not just a heartless portal but best to describe is a Brainless Portal. Such a  waste. No one with brain (really having it on top inside the head) will buy those story of DS Rosmah contacting Putin to call his husband. Ridiculous and absurd. Do you think Malaysian mind that low? Malaysiakini is a proven Nincumpoop  of all time .

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