Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Anwar Reigning Power Behind The Throne

Kajang move, was the dirtiest political stratergy in history of Malaysia has comes to its peak. Khalid seems not dancing to the Anwar Dynasty grooves and so he must be eliminated. The victim of circumstances, Khalid has repeating the history as Tun Mahathir did before. What Tun M did was a noblest act replacing immoral leader like Anwar for the sake of our beloved country. Kajang moves are not for the people. It is so clear now that the reason behind Kajang Move was just a survival of Anwar Dynasty and he himself fooling all PKR members and Malaysian. He has to secure places for his family to stay in power upon his absents.

Tan Sri Khalid has answered the show caused letter address him earlier.

Just few hours ago, some PKR leader through their spokesman, Xavier quoting that only PKR has the right to determined who will become a Selangor Menteri Besar, not PAS nor DAP. Wow......they seems forgotten the last election score cards. Shame on you. I still wonder what make they change their decision over Khalid. Once they said Khalid is the best of the best (just before Kajang Move) and now they are telling the other way around. Will this issue telling us how bad was their judgement? Or how dirty PKR is. My opinion is both.

Will there be a state election soon? Will PKR made it this time? A million dollars question.

PAS top leaders has spoken and stated their concern over this matters. Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang stated their support to Khalid asking Anwar, why Khalid need to be replace by his wife. Till now, no clear reason for that as Anwar keep numb to comment. Khalid openly challenged anybody to file report to SPRM if there any foul play under his administration related to him.

I respect PAS leader stated their undevided support to Khalid even PAS are the one that supposed to lead as they lead the score during last general election. The next question should be ask is, will they claim back the throne if Khalid resign? Will PAS break off with Pakatan Rakyat? My personal opinion, to be fare to everybody Khalid should desolve State Assembly and Selangor should have an election.......Anwar is the real culprit who waste peoples money for Kajang by election and for State election.

Will Selangorean let Anwar Dynasty rules Selangor? Selangorean has no talented leader to rule their own state? The joke of a century............

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