Monday, 25 August 2014

KAJANG MOVES- Hoaxing The Eye of Beholder

It has been 6th.days since Rafizi denied that the published article on the web regarding the summary of Kajang Moves stratergy. Yet there is still no police report by him over this issue. My goodness. It is genuine. Wow, I am speachless reading on the content. At first, I am reluctant to write about this which I don't think PKR that bad to commit the act of treason. As no official denial by them, I began to believed that this is the true summary of what Kajang Moves all about.

There were 4 phase of implementation stated in the summary.

24 months before 14th. General Election, preparing to collect fund for the election. 222 Parliamentary seat will be given RM2 million each to funding their programmes.

I. 12 months before 14th. General Election, started to bring down Malaysia economy in a systematically manner so that BR1M and other profit dividends will fail.
ii). Market shares will fall and causing RM value to drop. This will force the government to increase Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) and the Base Lending Rate (BLR).

6 months before 14th. General Election, collecting maximum profits from the share market. The allocation for each Parliament RM 3 million and RM 1 million for each state assembly.
I. Conglomerates will start pressuring the government to increase goods pricing up to 20%.
ii. Pro-Opposition will cut off their manpower causing % jobless increase and will also causing the inflation.
iii. MNC will start buying RM forcing Bank Negara to ensure cash rate sufficient.

I. When Parliament resolved, stock exchange will collapse and the investor will loose hope on the government.
ii. From Phase 2 and 3 with MNC help on large buying scale on RM causing it to drop with minimum rate of RM3.90/USD.

I am speechless reading this and this are not an ordinary planning. This is a strategic planning by professionals. Wow......they will do this just to feed their greeds over power.
Malaysian can judge it well enough. Stop this madness.


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