Saturday, 30 August 2014

LIM GUAN ENG - Despicable Coward With Big Mouth

Malaysian knew who he was and who he is. A man who never walk the talk. A chauvinist, racial bigots and a nincumpoop. Phrases best to describe him. He has showing his guts threaten the Malaysia Inspector General of Police  regarding PPS and his administration supported him saying that police force are incompetent.

When at time of crisis, all it is does not matter. He swallow his own words. Words that being said just days ago. 

Shame on you. Think before you give any statement. A good leader think. An idiot using words to defending himself. Walk the talk.

My fellow Malaysian, this is normal behaviour among DAP leaders. They never walk the talk and they are cowards. 

Choose wisely. We need a brainy leader. A wise leader. A leader which has a value to lead. A leader who walk the talk.

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