Sunday, 10 August 2014

PKR Knight of Shining Armour- The Anwar 's family Legacy

The decision to sack TS Khalid has been made and it was not a rap on the knuckles. The assassination to Khalid career in politics was done without mercy. TS Khalid not given chance to defend himself. Talk about defending himself, the reason to sack him not even clear and not even been justified. PKR leave unmolested those who set the fire to the house and prosecute those who sound the alarm.

A day after TS Khalid was sacked, another letter came up;

TS Khalid has all the reason to defend himself while the top leader in PKR continuously condemning him throughout the nation from town to town by their infamous roadshow. What a shame.

Current condition in Selangor, PKR 13, DAP 15, PAS 15, BN 12 and TS Khalid 1 (without party). There is a rumours I just heard that another 2 more from PKR might swift to BN. Pas welcoming TS Khalid in open arms. PAS top leaders confirm that they still stick to Majlis Syura decision made earlier.

Anwar, the Knight of Shining Armour for PKR have a full fledge support from DAP and he got it in full. DAP knew that this is the only way for them to survive from PAS. Anwar make a statement, and he questioned PAS decision over this issue which not favourable to him.

More and more of PKR supporter pledge their support to TS Khalid. People has had it with Anwar's dirty games. Some urged the party change their name from PKR to PABABI (Parti Anak Beranak Anwar Bin Ibrahim).

After all the protest and question raised over the issue, Anwar doesn't show any guilt, worry or sad over his face. He even enjoying his birthday party thrown by DAP today. He is happy.....A happy man he is.

Even being humiliated, condemn and sacked from his own party, a true leader such as TS Khalid still wishing Anwar a Happy Birthday.....would Anwar do the same?

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