Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bigger Cages Longer Chain - Direct Negotiation Syndrom

The economic planning unit (EPU) was setup in 1961 to focus on development planning on high problems in plan execution and all forms of foreign aid for the nation. As today, 53 years in service. Wow....more than half a century.

Our Prime Minister DS Najib himself has committed to open tenders for big projects during Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) launching 2 years ago. Greater transparency in the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) had given a momentum to accelerate process on gaining greater credibility and healing the trust thus convince the public on better governing of our government.

Direct Negotiation will only creating corruption in process. The right to compete and fairness been denied. Worst case, some awarded project end up devastating. Incompetent contractor been awarded resulting poor quality of work, over paid and even unfinished project abandoned. Direct negotiation also a major setback in the fight against corruption.

Having half a century experienced on governing Malaysia economic matters does not given any room for any excused not understanding the big picture related to its own policy. EPU just not learning from lessons of the past. The BOSS has stated clearly and they still playing around and do nothing to stop this practised which shows that this practise has been a cancer to the government. Either someone in the administration of PM Najib sabotaging or they has been diagnosed with the 3rd. stage of corruption cancer which they themselves don't have any idea to stop it.

Most of member of public which includes Ministers, Opposition Leaders and Ordinary Layman like me noticed this incompeteness. This will look very bad to the ruling government. As today we still hearing about direct negotiation project from YTL, KTM, Fuel Subsidy Project and a bunch of others.

I really hope PM Najib can have a micro looks in EPU on how they are handling matters. Who is the culprit? The minister? The directors? Division heads? The Clerk? Who? Just Who accountable for all this? Should they have a clear written SOP to determined the usage of Direct Negotiation? If they already have it, are they following it? Is it covered all angle?


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