Friday, 19 September 2014

Pengkalan Kubur By Election - The Field of Saint & Sinners

The habit of analysis, the ability to get under the surface of things and at the vital essentials gives a man a tremendous advantage. During the past week campaign period in Pengkalan Kubor saw BN campaign not very aggressive attacking PAS. In plain language  BN campaign team campaigning in such a softer and defensive approached. Politics is more dangerous than war. In war you only killed once.

PAS otherwise, more aggressively attacking UMNO / BN. Situation in Kelantan seeing it now is totally in reversed. In Kelantan, PAS is the ruling government while BN as an opposition. Normally, opposition attacking the government. The situation now change drastically. A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. Maybe the effect from PR coalition issues between Pas with DAP and PKR effected from MB Selangor nomination.

BN has wasted enough precious time and energy to be so defensive by only answering all the accusation and attacked by PAS especially on issue related to oil royalties and GST. During a campaign the air is full of speeches and vice versa. I do not understand why it is so hard for BN leaders to start banging PAS straight to the wall and down to the dungeon. Remind and expose the people of Pengkalan Kubir on PAS failure to delivered their promises, especially in Pengkalan Kubor and Kelantan in general?

PAS one big lie inherent the people of Pengkalan Kubor was the construction plan for the New Town ship of Pengkalan Kubor which being promised 18 years ago. PAS also failed to build a second bridge linking Tumpat to Kota Bharu and building a new port in Tumpat.

In 26.Oktober.1996 , YAB Datuk Ahmad Jacob, now the Kelantan MB,who was then the Exco of Trade and Industry told the State Assembly that the state government will develop an area in Pengkalan Kubor district to become a New Township of Pengkalan Kubor. In the state assembly he said the construction of the new township will create 6000 jobs, 4000 homes priced at RM 35,000.00 a to be built, the trading centre of Islam, mosques, higher education institutions and wholesale markets. Lao Tzu once said, "He who talks more is sooner exhausted".

He was not only announcing the project in Kelantan state assembly .In 22.Disember.1996 state government signed an agreement with the developer for the project at a hotel in Kota Bharu, and started selling forms to the people of Pengkalan Kubor to buy houses that planned to be build. At that time, people of Pengkalan Kubor and Tumpat rush to buy their house at RM 1. That was how high the expectations from the people of Kelantan to own a decent home in an area that is so great promulgated by the PAS Government in Kelantan.

After nearly 2 decades people of Kelantan waited for the project to come into reality. Now 18 years have passed, not a single piling stud being pile. People of Pengkalan Kubor being tricked by Kelantan Pas state government. This is the reality.

That was not just one project. Pas government has promised to build a port in Tumpat. Until this day not a single dock being build. Same goes to Palekbang Bridge. During the 1995 election, the PAS Government made an announcement that they will build a new bridge linking Tumpat with Kota Bharu. In 1996 they brought the Royal Highness Sultan of Kelantan laying the foundation milestone for the project. Till today the foundation stone still stood there, and not even an inch of the bridge being built. People that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

That was not only direct lies and empty promises made by PAS government to the community of Pengkalan Kubor and Tumpat. No need for me to describe a list of multiple lies by PAS in Kelantan. Things that I mentioned above is good enough to use by BN as bullets to start a battle against PAS. Since everything is already proven in front of the public eye. The balls already there in BN court, just strike it and time waits for no man. It is so easy to convince people of Pengkalan Kubur. Remind them that PAS is a liar. No matter how big the lie, if being repeated often enough, the masses will regard it as the truth. They are very well versed on all the empty promises given to them by PAS before. Just a little effort to remind them not to be bullish ever again by PAS. But unfortunately this issue has not been fully utilized by BN to strike PAS.

With all the respect, not my intention to teach BN leaders, but merely a hope to consider the fact. The ball in our court, please don't wait. Lets the ball rolling. Strike at full force. Stop being so defensive. It is time to strike back. Show no mercy. Don't let people of Pengkalan Kubor being bullish again and again by PAS. Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice Doggie' until you can find a rock. Now the rock in our hand. Keep it safe? Strike?

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