Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Selangor Epic 2014 : A Treason , Cowardness , Betrayal & Foolish Act

Necessity is blind until it becomes concious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity. In politics, stupidity is not a handicap. Nothing is more difficult and more precious than to be able to decide. DAP taking easy way out after they were checkmate by the Royal Highness Sultan of Selangor. Earlier today, Lim Guan Eng on behalf of DAP seeking forgiveness from the highness Sultan. Giving excuses as usual that the decision to only nominate Datin Seri Wan Azizah came from de facto leader of PKR, Anwar Ibrahim during Pakatan Rakyat meeting. Smart move from an idiot who thought everyone else is a fool to know the different between an excuse and sincere apologies. Sincere apologies will not deviate the issue to someone else. If this really so, showing how idiot DAP is. My my my........why am I not suprised at all.

Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again. This time more intelligently. Later this evening, Anwar Ibrahim turn to seek forgiveness from the highness Sultan. Another lying bastards try to fool people but fooling himself instead. How hippocrates can he be after being left alone when DAP making a turn back.

For god sake, will these people so called leaders to lead us? Nice try, people of Selangor will not going to buy your cheap and foolish act of treason. You already make your move.....guess what......You have been checkmate. Thanks almighty God for showing us who this clown really is. The rue colour of your stripe revealed. 

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