Monday, 27 October 2014

Sodomy & Lust - The Reckoning or Resurrection Day for Anwar

The sand of time are running low. Tomorrow, 28th. October 2014 will be a glorious for Anwar. Will he be freed or sent straight to jail for his sodomy case. Since past 2 weeks, the father, wife and daughter restlessly posting articles to ignite a sympathetic sentiments for Anwar Ibrahim. I can't blame them for doing that. What really make me hard to understand, why some Malaysian question the justice institution and supported Anwar the predator but not for Saiful the victims. They hailed for in-justice for Anwar. What type of in-justice that they hailed for actually?

Six years in court, sixty seven times postponing and thirty eight times appeal. Tomorrow decision is not a sudden desperate decision but a solid decision after six years of hearing. I don't think anyone else are getting this luxury. Again, which part of in-justice are they talking about?

Everybody from Pakatan leaders including Anwar himself acting like there is no more tomorrow. Why should they feel hopelessly? Something just not what is seems to be. Just not being Anwar himself. He is addressing his own final rites in UM tonight. Again, he will create chaos just for the survival of himself which far away from building up the nation. Anwar will only fight for himself and the survival of his family nothing less than that. He is best to describe as a selfish human being hunger for power and will stop at nothing. All his nonsense should be stop at once.

Sympathetic sentiments has been played everywhere in the net from Anwar himself and his families to gain support form the people. This will never happened during the glory days of Anwar. You can't see this before. How desperate he is now.


Are there still any Malaysian that care for Saiful Bukhari justice? I am one of them. Justice delayed is justice denied. Let the court ruled out the verdict. In God We Trust and Justice for All.............



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Stop Liberal Muslim Movements In Malaysia

A Liberal Muslim is nothing more than a hypocrite who just simply take what they likes from the deen and reject what they doesn't. Those were amongst the worst of people. They thought of being reformist (influenced by the western) justifying stuff with their own opinion and drawing falsified conclusion when Quran and authentic Hadith clearly says and means otherwise. You just have to believe in god before you can say there are things that man was not meant to know. I don't think there is anything man wasn't meant to know. There are just some stupid things that people shouldn't do. The one that in particular most recent programme organized by Muslim targeted participation from Muslim to touch a dog. Ain't that stupid?

All hell broke loose when a liberal muslim Syed Azmi organizing an event called " I want to touch a dog " on 19th. Oct 2014 in Petaling Jaya. Syed Azmi is living in cloud-cuckoo-land. What never surprised me at all is this and as usual there was a storm brewing.

This comments create quite a stitherum in the country. Another same old tactics to championed what others don't intend to do. Whose to be blame. The family of 69 just cant be help no more. She also a liberal muslim who fought for modernization of Islam. Ok.....we all know who she is.....I have no intention to preach but just to share my thought over this issue which keep on playing on my mind since last Sunday. I have to say something about this. This is not right. This is so wrong. A total misconception. Its a Himalayan blunder.

There are several hadith, which warn of consequences for dog owners:
The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Whoever keeps a dog, his good deeds will decrease everyday by one qeeraat (a unit of measurement equivalent to Uhud Hills), unless it is a dog for farming or herding." In another report, said: .....unless it is a dog for herding sheep, farming or hunting." (Reported by al-Bukhaari).
The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Angles do not enter a house where where in there is a dog or an animated picture." (Reported by al-Bukhaari).
Muslim all over the world base the prohibition against keeping a dog in one's home except for the case of working or service dogs. A very clear hadiths telling that dogs are prohibited to become pets. Judge the photo above. What have they done. God have mercy on them.

It is a fundamental of Islam that everything is permissible except those things that have been explicitly banned. Based on this, most muslim would agree that it is permissible to have a dog for the purpose of security, hunting, farming or service to the disable. Many muslim strike a middle ground about dogs by allowing them for the purposes listed but ensuring that the animals have their own space which does not overlap with human living spaces.

Selangor Religious Council (MAIS) chairman Datuk Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa in his statement said the act of kissing, hugging and carrying the dog by Muslim goes against Islamic principles. They are many more Muslim scholar stated their concern over the event.

Hiding behind a programme said to be an exposure to Muslim communities over the negative perception toward dogs was just shallow and hard to swallow. As for me, I defined this to be a ground zero towards the liberalisation and pluralisation of Islam in this country. We have to stop this at once. Islam is perfect. The guidance of Islam through Quran and Hadith until the end of days (judgement day). There is no reason to modernised Islam. All Islam teaching will suit at any time. 

Those cheap and nasty politician whom politicise this matter also should be put to stop. Those Muslim leader especially in Pakatan, stop feeling so down as a muslim. Nothing for you to prove to DAP as what you seems to show how liberal and open minded of your thought. No such things as modernization Islam. There is no place for Liberal Muslim ever in this country. Nurul Izzah and many others, stop being selfish, arrogant and stupid. When people who are more professional than you advice you to stop playing around with religion, you should obey it. May Allah have mercy on your souls.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Rafizi's Blasphemy Against Sultan & Selangorean Exposed

An article by Raja Petra through his blog about Rafizi newly appointed post as PKR's new Secretary General, Saifudin Nasution Ismail demotion and Nurul Izzah appointment as the Elections Co-Director replacing Saifudin. Malaysia-today also exposed an e-mail from Rafizi to Anwar as attached below:

Rafizi failed on realization of Kajang Move now trying to pleased back his boss through his next step which, to control who ever holding MB Selangor post. Who the hell is this guy? Wonder boy for Anwar start making his move when he silently start climbing to the top as Anwar has a very thin chances to win on his sodomy case. He even called Selangor Palace as UMNO Palace (Istana UMNO).

Wisdom and fool are two words which are generally considered incompatible. However, the fool is one of the wisest people of all. There is a blissful idiot and those who have been labeled fool by society because the people in charge don't want others to become wise fools. I am not going to say anything else. You judge it yourself. Such an immoral and lowest political strategy ever practised.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Nga Kor Ming Is A Contumelious Chauvinist

Again he tried to spark racial tense in Malaysia with his contumelious statement in his twits. Refer to the screenshots for better understanding:

I wonder how Nga recognized the man in the photo is an UMNO member. Is it because the man look like Malay? So....the statement can be simplified as "Melayu Samseng"? How about DAP? Did DAP ever act violently before? Refer to the next few screenshots:

So.....what should we call this? A lawyer who had so much hatred in his heart. A foolishness is inflicted with a hatred of itself. Violence and hatred have no place in an evolution. Probably the greatest harm that he means do to himself is when he let the vices of envy and hatred enter deep into his own natures. It has the therapeutic quality of providing emotionally charged ritual of solidarity in hatred which is the amphetamine of its believers.

I strongly believe that majority Malaysian will not buying this cheap publicity made by an idiot with heart full of envy, hatred and ..........

Sunday, 12 October 2014

HARAKAHDAILY - Pioneering Slander in Malaysia Journalism

Harakahdaily a disgrace to Malaysian journalism. Yesterday Harakahdaily published an article about DS Rosmah which was totally untrue based on wild accusation made by an account in Facebook under name Hayati Aziz. She claimed that she is working under PERMATA as you can see from the picture attached.

Its all begin when 2015 budget announcing RM 711 million to Ministry of Education , KEMAS , PERMATA and Perpaduan Early Education. All hell broke loose and Pakatan Rakyat the opposition party portal web, facebooker, bloggers etc start targeting DS Rosmah for that. How desperate they are.

Some even directly asking why PERMATA is not registered under Registar of Society (ROS). How idiot can people be. The problem with some Malaysian, they don't even want to read or study before asking a question. Sadly to that, a big web portal own by Pakatan practising the same kind of style. No one was born as an idiot. PERMATA is a government agency under PMO since Tun Abdullah Badawi was a prime minister.

Some even making a malicious statement about RM711 million budget to PERMATA. All those people are a natural born idiot. Its clearly stated  on the budget text as attached above. Some even confused or maybe don't even know how to differentiate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and an Advisor. Just to make things clear for those idiot, DS Rosmah Mansur is an advisor. All management roll manage by government servant.

I don't see anything wrong with PERMATA. World recognized PERMATA. Recently last month, DS Rosmah Mansur awarded by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) HERO Award in the United Nation headquaters for her role in PERMATA on early childhood education and development in Malaysia. The whole world recognized, why can Malaysian Opposition do the same.

To the opposition, are totally busted this time. Stop making slanderous and malicious remarks to fools Malaysian. You are just making a fool of yourself. Hayati Aziz, if she really exist and making those accusation, should be sacked at once. Government institution must start firing people for their misbehaviour like what private sector has been practising ages ago.

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Having said about the Bavarian culture which already being held since 1810, The Oktoberfest. A wedding feast honouring the union of Bavarian King Ludwig 1 and Maria Theresia of Saxonia. Started with horse race and in 1819 replaced by beer cart parade.

In Shah Alam recently, a billboard promoting Oktoberfest creating havoc with all sorts of complaints and reports. A Pakatan Rakyat state officials (MB Selangor) taking easy way out by blaming the billboard owner with three month permit suspension over advertising without approval. Several muslim group including PAS, ISMA and few others against the advertisement on the billboard located in Shah Alam- a mojority Malay Muslim city as the event is schedule this weekend in Petaling Jaya.

Things get heated so quickly when PAS' Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi group against the fest while PAS' Khalid Samad pledging his full support over the fest. A Liberal and Conservatives group collided. Much have been said. Damage has been done. I wonder who will get the credits and profits for the free and most efficient way or method in advertising. Crisis in other way of looking at it is a profiteering propaganda. Guess, who behind it?

Pakatan coalition by PAS, DAP and PKR just finished and epic for the MB Selangor issue. DAP has called Pakatan leaders to meet and discussed faith of PAS in Pakatan which still in progress. Now, things way out being heated up with this issue. I wonder, this issue is purposely brought up or an incidental event?

The way I look at it, the issue was purposely brought up just to have a solid ground for Pakatan to dump PAS out from the league. DAP and PKR succeed on their mission to divide PAS. Now, clearly there are 3 groups in PAS. A Liberal , A Conservatives and Anwarinas. Looking at the current scenario, PAS is sinking slowly and painfully.

Coming back to Oktoberfest issue again, PKR as usual playing their role. A denial role. In denial state as usual. DAP playing their sentiment on national interest and equality. Off course their full support on anything opposed by Muslims as usual. They full support Oktoberfest. PAS divided once again supporting and against the fest. Will this be a good example for the group of people represent a group of political party that we have choose to form a government? They them selves not align to each other. Everybody have their own agenda. This is the second case within 2 months. How many proof that we need to see their incompetency? Forming a government is no joke sir....this coalition just not work. It will damage and destroy Malaysia if they form a federal government. Even at state level, they can get any unanimous decision on everything. Look at this screenshots photo. What do you think about what Elizabeth Wong from PKR meant by it:

Free publicity (ehems)...... I knew it all along. PKR and DAP are behind all this. I am so sad to see how PAS being so foolish following DAP and PKR games which not favourable to them most of the time. Every time the excuse given was for the sake of Pakatan coalition. PAS has to sacrifice and bow to the demand after demand by DAP and PKR. PAS now is a laughing stock among Malaysian. PAS has loss its direction. So fragile. So weak. Once a smart group of people now turn to be not more than a fools which caused by their arrogance and boosted up ego maniac. How about this screenshots by DAP:

Enough said. My conclusion very simple. This billboard advertisement issue was just a diversion for DAP and PKR to get their merit to dump PAS out from Pakatan. All along, DAP behind this festival with PKR approving permits for them. PAS is just a bad boy sometimes look like a scapegoat. Individual role for this epic as below:

1. DAP - Organize and Enjoying the moments.
2. PKR - Blessing the fest and getting credits.
3. PAS - A mule, nincompoop & a clown to
                amused everybody.

PAS......start to claiming your right and dignity while you still have a little of it left. 
A fools will always be a fools. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pakatan Rakyat All Sizzle and No Steak

The character ethic, which I believe to be the foundation of success, teaches that there are basic principles of effective living and that the people can only experience true success and enduring happiness as they learn and integrate these principles into their basic character. Nothing that is morally wrong can be politicallly right.

Finally, Pakatan top leaders have something to say over MB Selangor issue which created by them. I wonder what will they have to explain. Exaggerated sensitiveness is an expression of the feeling of inferiority. Will there be another tales being told? Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts which keeping the people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales. This is the usual form in which masses of men exhibit their tyranny. In the six years on existence of Pakatan Rakyat, the MB Selangor issue recently was a biggest blow of public confidence.

We will wait for the explanation by them. Will they be telling the truth? Will they confess of being ignorant, arrogant and act selfishly? I don't think so. There will be another tales to be told. Will they have guts to explain about Kajang Move? Such a waste of people's hard earned money. The terminology of "Kajang Move" invented and orchestrated by Pakatan Rakyat. Reading the summary of Kajang Move really scared me. Even they (Pakatan's) denied it, I wonder after months why there is still no police report lodge by the Pakatan's about executives summary...... Zoom in and read it yourself. What do you think?

Until the lions have their historians,tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter. 

' Those who cultivate moral confusion for profit should understand this:
We will name their names and shame them as they deserve to be shamed' - Bob Dole

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Saari Sungip disgracing PAS - An act of faith or An act of high and mighty

I don't think that the flesh is necessarily treacherous, evil and bad. It is cantankerous and it is independent. The idea of independence is the key. It really is like colonialism. The colonies suddenly decide that they can and should exist with their own personality. At first, the colony is perceived as being treacherous. It's a betrayal. Ultimately, it can be seen as the separation of a partner that could be very valuable as an equal rather than as something to be dominated.

Betrayal after betrayal hit PAS recently. What has gone wrong? Is it just because the grass root already fed up with their leader and their directions? Do they feel that DAP can lead them (PAS) better than the Ulamak? Wow....I hope not.

Who is this joker? Did he or did he not representing PAS members on the statement he made? If yes.....PAS dignity has been sold to the devil. If no......Should PAS sack this joker as he is just a disgrace to his own party. He was so confident addressing his speech at the DAP fundraising dinner in Sg. Buloh on 4th. Oct. 2014. The joker is no other than Saari Sungip, PAS assemblyman of Hulu Klang. He stressed out "On behalf of my party, I apologise. I really hope all of you can forgive PAS".

How low can a man dignity be? How cheap PAS dignity being sold everywhere? Will this be the starting point for PAS internal revolutions or path of destruction done by their own members.

A million dollar question on my mind. Do PAS still got guts left behind to sack Saari? We'll see. Worth to see what will be the end of this epic.