Sunday, 12 October 2014

HARAKAHDAILY - Pioneering Slander in Malaysia Journalism

Harakahdaily a disgrace to Malaysian journalism. Yesterday Harakahdaily published an article about DS Rosmah which was totally untrue based on wild accusation made by an account in Facebook under name Hayati Aziz. She claimed that she is working under PERMATA as you can see from the picture attached.

Its all begin when 2015 budget announcing RM 711 million to Ministry of Education , KEMAS , PERMATA and Perpaduan Early Education. All hell broke loose and Pakatan Rakyat the opposition party portal web, facebooker, bloggers etc start targeting DS Rosmah for that. How desperate they are.

Some even directly asking why PERMATA is not registered under Registar of Society (ROS). How idiot can people be. The problem with some Malaysian, they don't even want to read or study before asking a question. Sadly to that, a big web portal own by Pakatan practising the same kind of style. No one was born as an idiot. PERMATA is a government agency under PMO since Tun Abdullah Badawi was a prime minister.

Some even making a malicious statement about RM711 million budget to PERMATA. All those people are a natural born idiot. Its clearly stated  on the budget text as attached above. Some even confused or maybe don't even know how to differentiate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and an Advisor. Just to make things clear for those idiot, DS Rosmah Mansur is an advisor. All management roll manage by government servant.

I don't see anything wrong with PERMATA. World recognized PERMATA. Recently last month, DS Rosmah Mansur awarded by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) HERO Award in the United Nation headquaters for her role in PERMATA on early childhood education and development in Malaysia. The whole world recognized, why can Malaysian Opposition do the same.

To the opposition, are totally busted this time. Stop making slanderous and malicious remarks to fools Malaysian. You are just making a fool of yourself. Hayati Aziz, if she really exist and making those accusation, should be sacked at once. Government institution must start firing people for their misbehaviour like what private sector has been practising ages ago.

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