Saturday, 11 October 2014


Having said about the Bavarian culture which already being held since 1810, The Oktoberfest. A wedding feast honouring the union of Bavarian King Ludwig 1 and Maria Theresia of Saxonia. Started with horse race and in 1819 replaced by beer cart parade.

In Shah Alam recently, a billboard promoting Oktoberfest creating havoc with all sorts of complaints and reports. A Pakatan Rakyat state officials (MB Selangor) taking easy way out by blaming the billboard owner with three month permit suspension over advertising without approval. Several muslim group including PAS, ISMA and few others against the advertisement on the billboard located in Shah Alam- a mojority Malay Muslim city as the event is schedule this weekend in Petaling Jaya.

Things get heated so quickly when PAS' Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi group against the fest while PAS' Khalid Samad pledging his full support over the fest. A Liberal and Conservatives group collided. Much have been said. Damage has been done. I wonder who will get the credits and profits for the free and most efficient way or method in advertising. Crisis in other way of looking at it is a profiteering propaganda. Guess, who behind it?

Pakatan coalition by PAS, DAP and PKR just finished and epic for the MB Selangor issue. DAP has called Pakatan leaders to meet and discussed faith of PAS in Pakatan which still in progress. Now, things way out being heated up with this issue. I wonder, this issue is purposely brought up or an incidental event?

The way I look at it, the issue was purposely brought up just to have a solid ground for Pakatan to dump PAS out from the league. DAP and PKR succeed on their mission to divide PAS. Now, clearly there are 3 groups in PAS. A Liberal , A Conservatives and Anwarinas. Looking at the current scenario, PAS is sinking slowly and painfully.

Coming back to Oktoberfest issue again, PKR as usual playing their role. A denial role. In denial state as usual. DAP playing their sentiment on national interest and equality. Off course their full support on anything opposed by Muslims as usual. They full support Oktoberfest. PAS divided once again supporting and against the fest. Will this be a good example for the group of people represent a group of political party that we have choose to form a government? They them selves not align to each other. Everybody have their own agenda. This is the second case within 2 months. How many proof that we need to see their incompetency? Forming a government is no joke sir....this coalition just not work. It will damage and destroy Malaysia if they form a federal government. Even at state level, they can get any unanimous decision on everything. Look at this screenshots photo. What do you think about what Elizabeth Wong from PKR meant by it:

Free publicity (ehems)...... I knew it all along. PKR and DAP are behind all this. I am so sad to see how PAS being so foolish following DAP and PKR games which not favourable to them most of the time. Every time the excuse given was for the sake of Pakatan coalition. PAS has to sacrifice and bow to the demand after demand by DAP and PKR. PAS now is a laughing stock among Malaysian. PAS has loss its direction. So fragile. So weak. Once a smart group of people now turn to be not more than a fools which caused by their arrogance and boosted up ego maniac. How about this screenshots by DAP:

Enough said. My conclusion very simple. This billboard advertisement issue was just a diversion for DAP and PKR to get their merit to dump PAS out from Pakatan. All along, DAP behind this festival with PKR approving permits for them. PAS is just a bad boy sometimes look like a scapegoat. Individual role for this epic as below:

1. DAP - Organize and Enjoying the moments.
2. PKR - Blessing the fest and getting credits.
3. PAS - A mule, nincompoop & a clown to
                amused everybody.

PAS......start to claiming your right and dignity while you still have a little of it left. 
A fools will always be a fools. 

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