Monday, 27 October 2014

Sodomy & Lust - The Reckoning or Resurrection Day for Anwar

The sand of time are running low. Tomorrow, 28th. October 2014 will be a glorious for Anwar. Will he be freed or sent straight to jail for his sodomy case. Since past 2 weeks, the father, wife and daughter restlessly posting articles to ignite a sympathetic sentiments for Anwar Ibrahim. I can't blame them for doing that. What really make me hard to understand, why some Malaysian question the justice institution and supported Anwar the predator but not for Saiful the victims. They hailed for in-justice for Anwar. What type of in-justice that they hailed for actually?

Six years in court, sixty seven times postponing and thirty eight times appeal. Tomorrow decision is not a sudden desperate decision but a solid decision after six years of hearing. I don't think anyone else are getting this luxury. Again, which part of in-justice are they talking about?

Everybody from Pakatan leaders including Anwar himself acting like there is no more tomorrow. Why should they feel hopelessly? Something just not what is seems to be. Just not being Anwar himself. He is addressing his own final rites in UM tonight. Again, he will create chaos just for the survival of himself which far away from building up the nation. Anwar will only fight for himself and the survival of his family nothing less than that. He is best to describe as a selfish human being hunger for power and will stop at nothing. All his nonsense should be stop at once.

Sympathetic sentiments has been played everywhere in the net from Anwar himself and his families to gain support form the people. This will never happened during the glory days of Anwar. You can't see this before. How desperate he is now.


Are there still any Malaysian that care for Saiful Bukhari justice? I am one of them. Justice delayed is justice denied. Let the court ruled out the verdict. In God We Trust and Justice for All.............



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