Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pakatan Rakyat Desperate Move - Introducing Anarchism in Malaysia

Anarchists will criticizes all forms of leadership and always blindly follows the orders of several people. That is their nature. The Anarchist never demand that all disagreements be settle with consensus. They ignore objections to their own view and opinions. That is their nature. Anarchist never demand for unity and ignore everyone else other than them and do what they want. Anarchist always pretend to be an affinity groups to pursue a diversity of tactics but then, they show up and disrupt other group events. This all is hard for us normal people to understand. Anarchism has started now in Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat pioneering Anarchism in Malaysia.

My personal opinion about Anarchist is, they are just a bunch of assholes. They are self entitled and demand everything be done to their own way. They are so politically naive that they think they can get what ever they want without compromise. All of those is just a psychologically satisfying as they are self serving and they don't really strike to the roots of an issue. These contradictory behaviours lies in the ideology itself. Here are some of the example, Pakatan leader instigating Malaysian to strike up against the ruling government:

Anarchists view do not see consensus as an everyone must agree system. Their principle of majoritarianism is totally different than usual. They strive to get consensus by using the invisible dictatorship. This solves most of the problems of consensus through a practical subversion of the mass movement to the shared anarchists political will. Bakunin, one of the most brilliant Anarchist thinkers once said " We are the most pronounced enemies of every sort of official power even if it is an ultra-revolutionary power. We are the enemies of any sort of publicly declared dictatorship, we are socially revolutionary anarchists. But, you will ask, if we are anarchists by what right do we want to influence the people and what methods will we use? Denouncing all power with what sort of power or rather by what sort of force shall we direct a people's revolution? By a force that is invincible that no one admits and that is not imposed on anyone by the collective dictatorship of our organization which will be all the greater the more it remains unseen and undeclared, the more it is deprived of all official rights and significance...(secret organization) would finally have the strength of that close solidarity which binds isolated groups in one organic whole...These groups would seek anything for themselves...and they would be in a position to direct popular movements...This is what I call the collective dictatorship of a secret organization". I agree with Bakunin, Anwar sodomy trial only a decoy for these Anarchists to influence Malaysian to fights on their will and agenda. Chaos will not be their worries. Achieving what they want is an up most priority. No others. The aim is clear. These Anarchists will set up a network of influence and collusion in order to control the social movements. Anarchists logical of theoretical outgrowth when consensus fails to materialized. As usual, Anarchism will always violated nearly all of its stated principles whenever it became widespread as a social force. Anarchists also using a vanguard of sorts but surreptitiously and not subject to transparency of the peoples' movements, established methods of leadership or democratic transparency. They will act like they are championing those subjects mentioned.

To love Malaysia and to maintain peace and stability, Anarchism should be put to stop. The most efficient way is by the people. Malaysian should be matured enough to differentiate true of false, right or wrong. Pakatan Rakyat Anarchists ideologies must be rejected. It will only do harm rather than good. Think about it. Make your judgement. Think outside the box. Do your own analysis on what is anarchism all about. More than 95% will lead you to Pakatan Rakyat way of doing things......

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