Tuesday, 2 December 2014

2014 - International Barring Year For Anwar Ibrahim

The begining of this year, Japan barred him from entering the country. Time flies....

Today, towards the end of the year something similar happening again. It is hard to believe on what really happening. Anwar has cancelled his trip to Bangkok for attending the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) schedule to be held tomorrow 3rd. December 2014. 

The reason for not coming to Bangkok given in the statement by FCCT saying that Anwar's legal team have told him that due to demands of the current legal case against him, he should not travel outside the country. What a lame excuses made by a person whom I see as, a person who never respect any laws. He has made so many trips around the world during his hearing period in court but why now? Why Bangkok? Why Thailand? Anwar Ibrahim famous statement , 

I just couldn't buy the excuse given by Anwar Ibrahim. Just ain't right. Really not right. Why is he, as what he claim he to be, a " Supreme Leader " to start talking the truth and nothing but the truth. Why must creating story, giving lame excuses and start blaming others. The actual story behind his cancellation trip to Bangkok, he is barred to enter Thailand. Again! The end of 2014 he is barred again to enter foreign soil. This time, Thailand barred him. Seems that he is smarter than before. He has learnt his lesson from Japan early this year. So.......he wont go only to know that he has been barred to enter Thailand. He just announcing his cancellation of trip in advanced. I wonder why Thailand making such decisions. The only possible reason was because of Tian Chua involvement in the protest rally yesterday in front of Thailand Embassy in KL against the visit of new Thailand Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-Ocha to Malaysia.

A perfect year end closing gift for the menace of the society and country. Japan as an opening and Thailand as the closing of the International barring year for Anwar. Yet, Anwar asking his comrades to take legal action for anybody that barring them to enter any nations.

Will Anwar do the same?.......Your days were numbered and it is over........

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