Monday, 8 December 2014

Haniza Talha - The Devil In Disguise

Haniza Talha, Taman Medan assemblywoman. Despite her soft personalities and look religious, lies a deep black heart fill with hatred and vengeance. Earlier on 20th. October 2014, reported that Haniza Talha making a statement :

On 15th. October 2014, PERMATA lodge a police report based on an article shown above.

Today, 8th. October 2014, she had been called up for the investigation.

Guess what????? Similar with Rafizi. She urged the people to stand up for her as she only asking about the RM 711 million allocation to PERMATA even after more than a dozen of explanation about this issue.

Haniza Talha purposely doing what she first intended to do based on her first statement on 15th. October. As usual Keadilan leaders will do what they are best doing.......twisting and spinning their own words. This is proven after so many incident related to Keadilan top leaders. They are the devil in disguised. My personal opinion over this issue were nothing more than a hatred and vengeance of Haniza Talha against DS Rosmah Mansur. There were no fact against her claimed. It just a slanderous remark to tarnish DS Rosmah good name sake. We should stand firm, rejecting leaders with such attitude. Stern action should be taken against all the master slander especially those leaders from Keadilan. The Devil's most devilish when respectable.

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