Thursday, 25 December 2014

Malaysia Political Scenario - The Saint, The Mudslinger and The Retarded

Malaysia once again been struck with flood incidents. As usual, some people or organization taking this opportunity to sensationalized the issue. The worst things that a man can do. Despite on all that, some still remain as a retarded whom he himself don't even know what they themselves intend to do. Lets look at the first scenario. All the attached twitter screenshots taken from an active organization and individual. All day and night they were actively involved in twitter.


Every hour of their life, they are really working hard and care about the people. This is the quality of a true leader.


They don't even talk about it. They usually will advertised themselves on what ever they do or seems doing to the people but suddenly they goes silent as this is the most disastrous event happening to our country and they themselves as a leader for their own organization should lead the rescue or at least on moral support to the people who were involved in this floods. They are too busy playing politics and they just ignored or forgotten what the up most important on their existence as leaders of their own organization.


Their existence only dedicated to slanders. If you follow their daily post, there were no other than slander after slanders. Their heart were full of hatred. The worst criteria of a leader should have. This people are going to ruin this great nation if we Malaysian gives way for them to continue their dirty ways of doing what they felt rights.


This clown were not as active as anybody above, but once he start writing, everything pointing to a point that how idiot a man can be. 


These are the best example of a true leader with the heart of the people. They were there with the people to ensure all the flood victims will be ease from their burden and pressure. To be frank, I haven't seen any Pakatan Rakyat top leader doing this. It is always up to you to judge. I am just sharing my thought through my deep observation on all of them. Make a wise choice.....

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