Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Banned MalaysiaKini! Endless Personal Vengeance Is Not Malaysian Ways

Before we can diminish our suffering from the ill controlled aggressive assaults of fellow citizens, we must renounce the philosophy of punishment, the obsolete vengeful penal attitude. In its place we would seek a comprehensive, constructive social attitude, therapeutic in some instances but preventive in its total social impact. All these becomes a question of personal morals and values.

No matter how glorified or piously MalaysiaKini disguised, vengeance as a human motive must be personally repudiated by each and every one of us. Unless this message is heard, unless we give up our delicious satisfaction in opportunities for vengeful retaliation on scapegoats, we can't expect to preserve our peace, our public safety and our mental health. The punitive attitude persists. The spirit of vengeance has a slightest vestige of respectability as so long as it pervades the public mind and infuses its evil upon the statute books of the law, we will make no headway toward the control of crime. We can't assess the most appropriate and effective penalties so long as we seek to inflict retaliatory pain.

We all know that our Prime Minister Najib has launched a legal suite against MalaysiaKini and ever since then, they start to retaliate with vengeance. They will attack on all angle. Everything that PM Najib and his family did was wrong. They will instigate Malaysian at all cost just to feed their own personal interest. The most recent defamation they did to Prime Minister Najib was , Prime Minister and Family enjoying joyride across tge globe using country owned plane (Malaysia Air Force 1).

After series of published article regarding the issue which all being related to flight radar 24. One thing they purposely missed out to publish, how long does the plane stop and for what reason it was?

Malaysia Government owned A319 plane is more or less similar with the one use by Air Asia, A320. Unlike A380, B747 and B777 which are bigger and can fly in a very long distance and duration before they can stop for fuelling, A319 is smaller and have to stop more frequent for refuelling. You can always check with Air Asia A320 journey on their destination and duration. Flying route from Los Angeles using this plane unable to cross the Pacific through Japan. The most suitable route is across Atlantik ocean through America, Europe and Middle East.

The first stop after departure from LA was New York. The plane landed about 2223hrs local time and take off at 0050hrs. They only stop for 2 hours and 27 minutes. Do you think at that hour and duration, Prime Minister and his wife able to do shopping as what MalaysiaKini highlighted?

The second stop was in London. New York to London took 7-8 hours flight duration. Again, the plane has to stop for refuelling. The plane landed in London at 1145hrs and take off at 1304hrs local time headed to Dubai. At 1 hour and 19 minutes, do you think Prime Minister and wife able to do any shopping spree there in London?

The third stop for refuelling was in Dubai at 0016hrs and take off at 0153hrs local time. At 1 hour 37 minutes and in the middle of midnight in Dubai, do you think Prime Minister and wife able to shop there?

The fourth stop was in Bangkok. The flight duration from Dubai to Bangkok is 6-7 hours. The plane landed at 1111hrs. In Bangkok, the plane stop for 2 days to bring back Prime Minister Najib which he was there for a meeting with Prime Minister of Thailand.

Ever since ISA was abolished, most of Malaysian start to become and expert on all fields. We are an aviation experts, political expertise, Slander experts and so on. Everybody is an expert at all fields. We became, Jack of all trade and master of all. What has happened to us. We stop believing right and wrong. Truth or false. A physical deformity seems to be a call forth our charity but the infinite misfortune of moral deformity calls forth nothing but hatred and vengeance. Vengeance is a dish best eaten cold. There is nothing more costly and sterile than vengeance.

We are all aware that no government can be long secure without a formidable opposition. It reduces their supporters to that tractable number which can be managed by the joint influences of fruition and hope. Opposition through their media and one of them is MalaysiaKini, taking the advantage which offering vengeance to the discontented and distinction to the ambitious like them. They act to be seen as the energies of aspiring spirits which lead them to be a traitor to their own country and the character assassins which always use by the opposition to bring down who ever is not favourable. As Malaysian, we have an obligation to stop all this nonsense, liars and traitors. This is just not the way to do it. Malaysian are smarter now. Just don't bullshit us. MalaysiaKini should be stop immediately. They are the threat to this country.

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