Sunday, 11 January 2015

Eric Paulsen Barbaric Mind & Religion Bigotry

Being insensitive is one thing. Being totally rude disgracing the whole Muslim in this country will not be tolerate. Eric Paulsen, a Co-founder & Executive Director for Lawyers for Liberty trying to outsmart Malaysian by making such remark, seems like Friday sermon in this country will only do harm rather than good. Will only promoting terrorism. Narrow minded lawyer like this shouldn't let loose. Lawyers are the only person in whom ignorance of the law is not punished. 

The problem with us today is where the people are getting smarter. They are letting lawyers instead of their conscience be their guide. We are living in harmony through a multi culture and religion in this country. These were the people that will jeopardize the peace and harmony created in this country for ages.

Eric may not knowing the real fact of Friday Sermon in every mosque on Friday in this country. Every Friday, muslim around this country are praying for the well being of this nation and its people. They were preached to become a good muslim and follow the morale of Prophet Muhammad (saw), the highest role model of human being in the world. It is not fair to speak directly from the guts and not from the brain, accusing Friday Sermon to breed terrorist. It is totally unacceptable. 

As a decent Malaysian, I pledge and urged the authority to solve this matter immediately. He must be brought to justice. Let set an example that lawyers are not above the law. This is seditious. This is dangerous. 

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