Monday, 26 January 2015

HALAL Thought : Instant Roti Canai

There are fewer people to discourage any initiative in the direct direction to get into thick of things. Fewer to sit on the sidelines and merely finding fault more to point out what's right to the world and keep harping on what's wrong with it but more who are interested in lighting candles and still fewer who blow them out.

I am bringing up an issue regarding an instant food which I just discovered today. It is my social responsibility to make known to all regarding it which most people unaware of it. Although there is a great deal of controversy among scientist about the effects of ingested food on the brain, no one denies that you can change your cognition and mood by what you eat.

Roti Canai, a famous breakfast, dinner and supper meal to most Malaysian. Type of Indian influenced flatbread. Also known as Roti Pharata in Southern Malaysia and Singapore. I had my evening tea in a mamak restaurant nearby. At the corner of the table, there was a box.

Wow! An instant Canai dough. Mamak restaurant start using this? Ok....At first my thought was, machine made should be better than hand made in term of hygiene. When I start observing the box, there were no HALAL indication or logo anywhere on the box.

Maybe to some, I am just being paranoid over this HALAL issue. The dough were only composed of fat, flour and water. Fat from the form of ghee or margerine and perhaps some condensed milk to the mix. For those who really understand the meaning of Halal Certification, it is not only provides assurance to all Muslim consumers because it fulfills the Syariah Law, which is a must for Muslims but also to the non-Muslims as it is comply with GMP and HACCP requirements. The certified products safe to consume, nutritious and with quality. A hygienic food to be consume. Malaysian certification for HALAL standards under MS1500:2009 and MS2200: Part 1:2008 recognized and well accepted worldwide.

I don't eat junk foods and I don't think junk thoughts. So..........make your calls........ I am totally out.

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  1. Kena kasi viral nih... bab2 makanan tak boleh main2.


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