Sunday, 4 January 2015

PAS The Master of Hoax On Donations Fund

As usual, when there was a tragedy occurred in the country, PAS will take this opportunity to launch various types of donations. Now is the perfect timing for PAS to launch donation for flood victims.

Malaysians are advised not to be mesmerized by the hadith or Quran verses and sweet pillow talk from sweet mouth of any PAS leaders for the nation to donate again to their donation programme on flood victims.

According to information prompted by staff of PAS headquarters located at Jalan Raja Laut KL, the sum collected from the donation were not being distributed in a transparent manner. The collection were not solely distributed for the purposes, there is some amount of money channel out for political purposes. According from the informant, PAS who collected the donation for Lahat Datu tragedy in 2013 were not audited and presented in a transparent manner to party members in the last conference. Less than 50 percent of the money given to the victims. The balance of sum collected was being consumed in GE 13.

Take  a heed from what has happened to the Memali fund, Lahad Datu fund and Highway construction tragedy fund. Do not let yourself easily being deceived by PAS. If you want to donate, extend it directly to victims within your means.

This is not a hoax. Only a friendly reminder. We have an option not to repeat the same mistake we did before by trusting these people. If you wish not to let any of our fellow Malaysians from being cheated, please extend this message. I have done my part of it by extending this message which the authentic information I get directly from the staff of PAS headquarters.

If you wish to continue contributing to any fund organized by PAS , please do so.

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