Monday, 12 January 2015

Teresa Kok : Slapped On Her Face for The Tale That Wasn't Right

Snakes only came of from the lair after an empty stomach. How about human? After being in silence for awhile, Teresa Kok surface up with new sensational issues. She was not around during flood. She just gone missing but out of sudden she came out and these time around with a sensational tales about MyEg and KDN. I am fully aware why KDN in the picture as Teresa hold a deep grudge against Ahmad Zahid Hamidi over issues which Zahid against her before but MyEg came to the picture that makes me wonder.

Teresa Kok urged KDN to explain why MyEg charging an additional RM38 from e-pembekal where there was never a single cent charged for permit renewal as before. Teresa Kok as usual will sensationalize an issue without any brain work. She will never filter anything to her brain before start transferring it through her mouth. MyEg has been collecting revenue for more than a decades and to be precise, more than 14 years on behalf of the government with amounting sum of more than RM20 billion from all the services they provide such as driving license, road tax, traffic summons and bunch other services. They have an obligation to make remittance to Account General on the very same day of transaction. MyEg does not make any interest on the float. They also have the obligation to provide a bond deposit to the government in assurance that we comply. All payment with credit card, MyEg paying the government upfront and have to wait few months to be reimbursed. I wonder why after all the things she has sensationalized, the simplest explanation as above would be self explanatory. Teresa Kok never investigate the issue. She always throw it for someone to explain the actual situations. This is not her first, by the way.

Teresa Kok also in her press statement also questioning the additional RM20 which the total additional of RM58 ( RM38 + RM20 ) for employers who bought insurance from others insurance provider than MyEg. Accusing government promoting monopolization of the insurance sale and not being fair to any other insurance provider and KDN seems giving their blessed over this additional fees by the statement made by KDN that all the fees charged were only to bare MyEg operational cost and service management. Again, another wrong statement given by Teresa Kok. The actual facts about the insurance that she don't even know about is, that there were no additional charge to any employers who didn't purchase the insurance through MyEg. The extra fees of RM20 is an optional and only applicable if the employers wanted MyEg to make appointments for FOMEMA. If the employers do it themselves, they will not be charge RM20 at all. Another slap to her face. Another hicks up on her statement. Blindly accused peoples who her self don't even know all about the accusation she brought up. It just another big slapped on her face.

If an idiot like Teresa Kok were to tell you the same story everyday for a year, you would end by believing it. To generalize is to be an idiot. To particularize is the alone distinction of merit. General knowledge are those knowledge that idiots possess. I wonder why did Teresa brought up this issue. She seems highlighting it for someone or some groups of people who have a personal interest on foreign worker supply. What is actually lies beyond all this wild baseless & brainless accusations?

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