Saturday, 7 February 2015

Another Pakatan Tales - The Plane

The trouble with this country is that, there are too many politicians expecially in Pakatan Rakyat who believe with a conviction based on they can fool all of the people all of the time. The practical politician, as every connoisseur of ochlocracy knows is not a man who seeks to inoculate the innumerable bunch or piles of voters with new ideas. He is a man who seeks to search out and prick into energy the basic ideas that are already built in. There is nothing wrong with the word 'politician' if the fellow has devoted his life to hold public office and trying to do something for his people.

Pakatan Rakyat leader has no vision. No glimpse to over see future of this country. I am not trying to say they are that bad, it just they are cloud by endless vengeance and hatreds. Their judgement over any matters were as sweet as only a pillow talk if you got what I meant by that. They were once said that they going to sell Putrajaya if they win GE12 but latet in GE13 they said that they are marching towards Putrajaya to topple BN lead government. They can't even make up their mind. Sell or Not. Another popular example is Penang Bridge. Pakatan Leader said the project was a waste of peoples money. End up, when they rules Penang, another bridge Penang Bridge 2 built and they even plan to construct under sea tunnel there in Penang connecting the mainland. What a joke. Now, they started with new propaganda on the usage of Government Jet (Malaysia Air Force 1). As usual, the Prime Minister and wife is the target. Every single use of the jet being question. DS Najib as any other Prime Minister before him using the country official plane for an official trips made on behalf of our country. We are not the only country on earth having the Government Official Plane. Almost every country have it.  The most recent official jet landed in Malaysia own by the government of Republic of Indonesia.  President Jokowi walked out the newly bought plane stylishly on his recent visit to Malaysia. None of Indenesian complaints about that. Why? Indonesian politician and people are more matured than us. That is my opinion. They will not accept cheap propaganda by anybody.

I also wonder, why Pakatan Leaders never put in their manifesto to sell of the plane once if the rule the country? And they will only use commercial plane instead. They know how important private plane is. Just for the sake of being an opposition, they are shooting blind and create another propaganda on the misused etc as what they are good at. Madter of propaganda. Look at this photo:

They are not leaders that representing the whole Malaysian. They themselves using private transport too. What make them so different. They are worst. Unemployed people with that kind of spending. I wonder, where are those from? Just to wrap up the whole things that Pakatan Rakyat leader are not more than a pretender and hipocrates. Telling lies just to fullfill their desires and always hungry for power. These people will only do harm to Malaysia rather than good.

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