Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Anwar Ibrahim Directed Latest Drama From Prison-A King, Queen and The Princess of Deceiving

A politician must often talk and act before he has thought and read. He may be very ill informed respecting a question. All his notions about it may be vague and inaccurate but speak he must. If he is a man of ability, of tact and intrepidity, he will finds that even under such circumstances it is possible to speak successfully and honestly with a sincerity from the bottom of his heart and soul. Politics by Pakatan Rakyat is like holding up torches of martyrdom to the reformers of error. The insincerity is part or their desperate agenda to get in the power to govern this country. They will go all out for this. Pakatan Rakyat just couldn't get that the most exhausting things in life is being insincere. Tgere is nothing more disgraceful than insincerity.

There is 2 things synonym with Anwar Ibrahim and families. Insincerity and Drama. These two correlate each other by means. Insincerity in man's heart must make all his enjoyments and all that concerns him look so unreal. His whole life must seem like a merely dramatic representation. Anwar, his families and even his comrades doing the same act and practice on and on. It is a shameful and unseemly thing to think one thing and to speak another. I will show you how odious are them to write one thing and to think another. Everyone shoukd know the facts that the real object of the drama is the exhibition of the human character. Sometimes, it is remarkable how virtuous and generously disposed every one is at a play.

Today, 24th. Feb. 2015 as reported by Malaysiakini, even have chance to be awarded a royal pardon by DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong, Anwar Ibrahim clearly stated that he was not going to apply for the royal pardon as he is well aware, a royal pardon only for those who really aware and admit on their conviction. According to his Sec-Gen of PKR, Rafizi Ramli confirmed that Anwar was not giving any instruction to his lawyers to apply the royal pardon as he will stay on his stand that he is innocent.  This news was published today at 1130hrs.

About 5 hours and 3 minutes after the published news in Malaysiakini, another news about this pop up. Why am I not surprised at all. This time, the families playing the magnificent drama with his Sec-Gen Rafizi marching towards Istana Negara to send the application themselves. Anwar daughter, Nurul Nuha confirmed this. A huge decision to be made, in fact has already being made just change in 5 hours. Wow! Is thus the way how Anwar Ibrahim and hus comrades doing things? Change as he like? 

What will this show us? A sadistical drama by him, his families and comrades to fool us. What a pethatic way of doing things. Anwar is so desperate and he was just confessed on his sodomy act suddenly without any prejudice.  Will he becomes the great leader that will lead our country in future? I say........NEVER! 

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