Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Anwar Ibrahim Free To Call For Meetings Even From Behind Bars

Reading on what has been said by Anwar earlier, he never being afraid to be in prison. He was in prison for eight years before. He may be forgotten on what has been said before but it was published everywhere and one of it as attached above. If he really a man of its word and walk the talk kind of person, why he bagged for forgiveness now? Why is he so afraid of. It is totally opposite what he has said before. King of Drama will never walk the talk. We have seen enough facts about who Anwar Ibrahim really is. What ever he said can change overnight.

What is so great about Anwar? He is in jail now because of his own sins. Not because of conspiracy, not because of politics and only because of he was proven guilty committing sodomy act. Till today, almost 2 weeks imprisoned he is still a leader to the Malaysia Opposition Party. Why a convicted sex offender still leading his party even from behind bars. Yesterday, 25th. Feb. 2015 about 0850hrs, Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali official car seing entering Sg. Buloh Prison compound. Another special treatment by Prison Department to Anwar. I wonder if his supporter still hails for his leadership's? Would it be a normal person supporting a sexual offender's? Will a sex offender's be a true and great leader? None of I ever heard before.

Clearly stated above that who allowed to visit and when only can be visited. Anwar family members just visited him on velvalentine's day, 14th. Feb. 2015 for the first time. Within 10 days after, Anwar recieved another visitor. Who is Azmin, despite he is Selangor MB and Vice President of PKR. He is not even Anwar Ibrahim lawyer. He not supposed to meet him for any reason. Now, from what we can see, it is so clear that Anwar actually free to meet who ever he need and desire to meet. He also able to give instruction and lead his party even when he is behind bars. Director of Prison have a lot to explain. Why? Why? and Why? Is this a correctional institute or a rest house for few selected people? If this practice still persist and double standard treatment allowed by Malaysia Prison Department, I will not be suprise if next AGM of PKR being held inside the prison. How lucky to be a man called Anwar Ibrahim. 

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