Monday, 9 February 2015

Anwar Last Rites

On his first trial years ago, late judge Augustine Paul gave him 6 years, followed by his second trial and late judge Arifin Jaka sentenced him to 9 years. With less than 10 hours from now, he is again facing 377B which carried maximum sentence up to 20 years rotten in jail. What would be happening will be very soon known. I don't want to elaborate more about what to be the verdict or about his case. What interest me more is, historical event happening for the past 12 hours related to a person named Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

He himself delivered his own last rites tonight in PJ.

Even with a poor audienced he still delivered his last rites in style.

His comrades couldn't accept the fate of him now.

As a wife, she will be the first to missed him. She was thankfull to all involved on organizing his farewell dinner for her husband last night.

His comrades celebrating him today. From the afternoon till night. They have a good enjoyable night. 

Everyone seems to be ready to let him go but he himself ,

A wise man advised :

And apolice advised : 

Have faith on our judicary system. Everyone of his comrades are celebrating, Malaysian should accept the verdict with an open heart.May Allah bless his souls.

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