Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Barring Teresa 'Cartel' Kok For Good & Noble Caused

Teresa Kok again mocking the government and few individual personally. She did it once before, during 2014 CNY clips and now she did it again. This year even better, she bring along few local clown to be with her. A poet, Daughter of Malaysia famous sodomy king and a Malay Priest. Wow, she never learnt from the past. Why? Because no one taking any action against her. This Is why she is so big headed as she knew nobody will stop her from doing it so. To her, this is the easiest way to be famous. Making fun of others, but if anything implicates or against her, she will retaliate non stop through out the year. Something happened today.

Sabah government taking the right decision to barred her from entering the state today. If possible not just Sabah, Malaysia should barred her from entering the country. She only do harm rather than good. We can make a different. Stop this people from contaminating the mind of healthy Malaysian.

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