Saturday, 28 February 2015

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur - Three Sides of Every Story 10

Recent attack from opposition media to DS Rosmah about her hair grooming cost RM1200.
Obviously they are running out of idea. Most of opposition news portal were unable to write and understand Bahasa Malaysia properly. Others than the news portal, an ancient politician like Lim Kit Siang enjoyed himself playing this issue over and over again as he himself obviously can't speak and understand Bahasa Malaysia. This issue were manipulated by the oppositions. Most of the articles published by the Malaysia Master of Slander Portal, Malaysiakini. I have listen to the voice recording of DS Rosmah uploaded byMalaysiakini:

Please hear it yourself. This is nothing more than a cheap accusations made against DS. Malaysiakini, continously attacking DS Najib and families. All news published by this portal mostly based on baseless news and slanders with intention to tarnished the good name of DS Najib and families.

DS Rosmah, with her good and nobble intention being twisted. She tried to emphasise the authorities to monitor and control home bussiness. There were some bussiness owner who charged their customers up to 5 times of the market price. She gave an example of colouring hair at home for RM1200. The price is totally absurd and it seems like no control on home service businesses. The actual words came out from his mouth, " Kalau saya nak cat rambut di rumah, dia caj RM1200......amboi mahalnya. Kalau dekat kedai different charge, ini home service". The first sentence " Kalau saya nak cat rambut " clearly means she was asking for the service at home. The price offered was RM1200. Datin Seri Rosmah clearly mentioned that the price offered was too expensive and the answer given by the service provider was, " Kalau dekat kedai different charge, ini home service ". DS also stated clearly that the price hikes up to 5 times. Simple arithmetic calculation for same service offered in the shop only around RM200+. This is the normal price we seen in the hair saloon.

DS Rosmah only expressing her concern to the authorities to start have a look on home services bussiness. She with her noblest heart concerning on the discriminations on charges by the leeches hungry sharks type of bussiness owner whom only concern about RM. Shame on you Malaysiakini to published cheap, nasty and baseless accusations article which clearly with bad motives to tarnished a good name of DS Rosmah. This is not a Malaysian culture.

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