Saturday, 14 February 2015

Malaysia Prison Department Full Pledge Privilege To Anwar Busted

Prison department not doing fair to all the other prisoners. The prison director has already make statement regarding Anwar being treated fairly same as other prisoners. That statement clearing the air for a while. Today, Malaysia kini published out statement from Nurul Izzah about her father condition based on her visit yesterday. What? Another hoax from Prison Department? All convicts should be treated equally. Why Anwar get the privillage while others don't?

It is clearly stated the visiting days allowed. I wonder how Anwar can be above the rules, regulations and the law. What so special about anwar, all the other inmates have families too. They are a father. They also a son. They also have wife and kids. How about their feelings? Will our prison being a Correctional Institute? Or a past time vacation to some people like Anwar? Unless Prison Department have dispute over the court decision or they have to answer for this? There are NO person called THE CHOSEN ONE.

How fortunate Anwar is. He can drag the court on hearing his case for years. He can postpone the trials for more than 100 times.He had all the privillage before. Many other prprivillage that if I mentioned here will boared you to death. Some people charged under same section as Anwar, 377B was not fortunate as Anwar.

Prison Department, I wonder what you have to explain to the public about this. Prisoners also need justice. Do not practised double standard. Just be honest and be fair........NO ONE ABOVE THE LAW!!!!

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  1. bertenang..

    bukan selepas 4 minggu
    tapi dalam tempoh 4 minggu

    jadi maknanya dalam masa sebulan pertama ini boleh jumlah sekali , jadi kalau dah jumpa semalam, maka dalam masa 4 minggu ini tak adalah perjumpaan lagi

    Tapi kalau ada juga perjumpaan dalam tempoh 4 minggu ini...itu jam kita akan tanya Zahid Hamidi untuk jawab.. tapi lepas 4 minggu mula dari masuk penjara dia dah boleh dijumpai semula mengikut jadul 2 minggu, 3 minggu atau 4 minggu sekali...seperti yg diperuntukkan

    Fahamkan..boleh jumpa sekali dalam tempoh 4 minggu ... selepas masuk...bukan sekali selepas 4 minggu dah masuk !!

    Bertenang .. masa masih banyak lagi baru 3 harikan? ada lagi tak kurang 3 tahun 8 bulan lagi paling cepat..ayuh membilang hari ..hahahahah.. mamposlah ko al juburit !!


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