Sunday, 15 February 2015

Pakatan Rakyat Spreading Anarchism in Malaysia

Anarchism does not mean philosophy, theory, intelect etc. Anarchism means belief and tranquility to all as well as liberty, equality and solidarity to all and for all as well which can easily being seen practiced by Pakatan Rakyat. The word Anarchism originated from the Greek word which literally means no rulers, a society built upon the foundation of non-coercive free association of all, guaranteeing freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of sex (ie; LGBT) and action. Anarchism against tax, capitalism, authorities etc. Anarchism is a cancer to society. It was being practiced openly in the Western more than a century. Some of Pakatan leader try to spread hatred at vengeance through Anarchism in Malaysia. This is so dangerANARCHISMLet me show you how Pakatan Rakyat spreading Anarchism in Malaysia. I will elaborate what in Anarchist mind and soul through my study about Anarchism.

1. Nobody own you but you. No authorities over you is legitimate unless you voluntarily grant the authority. They feel free to do anything. If they being punished by their wrong doings, they will retaliate. They even against any justice and liberty practices which weren't on their behalf. Eg: Rakyat Hakim Negara, by Pakatan Rakyat against Judicary of Malaysia.

2. Think independently. Thinking through philosophies of anarchist which encourage independent thinking. Being introspective about surrounding  institutions and understanding the difference between the things that really needed (food, water etc) and aren't really necessary (tv distraction, celebrity gossip, branded product etc).

3. Finding people with similar ideology. Finding through website, blogs and participate in protests in the name of against all those things that limit their basic liberties or propagate injustice. This is a very well known practices by Pakatan Rakyat. Protest changes nothing if there is no movement behind it. This is a reality consensus based. Anarchist way to change this consensus by revolutionary. Pakatan Rakyat famous theme on this revolutionary to change the consensus is Reformasi, Bersih, Rakyat Hakim Negara and many more which propagated by them in series. The most easiest way to spread the Anarchism rather than long hours of community organizing, sitting through meetings, working and explaining to people who probably disagree with and may not even like the ideology.

4. Openly oppose the government. What ever the government did, either good or bad should be opposed. Opposing in the name of stand for rights to freedom of speech, thought and action. Thats why they against ISA by all means. To them, capitalist statist political parties have a giant media network working 24/7 to spread their ideology. Anarchist will do it in a hard way by themselves. They will use FB, Tweets, Blogs, Forum, Open debate etc. They spreading their ideology by hard. Their main enemies is Capitalist. They will never seen as liberal, conservaties etc. They will opposed openly without prejudice.

5. Embracing men with feminism ie: LGBT. For them, solidarity is their greatest strength. Sexual freedom should not be opposed. Anarchism will act as a naturalists which giving freedom to most of everthing. This is totally against human way of living. All country in this world are against Anarchist. Non supporting them. Decade after decade, the ideology were enhanced by hunger of power. Pakatan Rakyat component party ruled by certain leaders family. It is just a family parties. Dad to wife to son and daughters. Pethatic ways of doing things. Say differently, seems more democratic but eventually no. All the things they fought just to prolonged and securing their own Dynasty. DAP and PKR openly practicing this.


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