Thursday, 26 March 2015

Azizah The Parrots In The Eye Of Hadi

There were some among Muslims who give reasons for rejecting proposals related to criminal law by using some phrases related to Islamic law terminology. Words such as "Siyasah Syari'yyah", "Maqasid Shari'ah", "Fiqh Aulawiyyat", "Maslahah" and others. When talking about heavy subjects like this, then surely it is not proper if we become like a parrot who can only mention the word as taught by his master, but still serves as animals without reason, without understanding the nature or tasawwur of words uttered. Explain the meaning with knowledge derived from al-Quran and as-Sunnah is very important, said by DS Hadi Awang today in PAS website. Who was actually he talking about. One of my favorites comedies movie is George The Jungle and he owned a parrot called Tuki Tuki. I am pretty sure that DS Hadi Awang aren't talking about Tuki Tuki........

Capturing few words mentioned by him, make me realised that the exact words were spoken by Azizah, wife of Anuar earlier about a week ago. Gosh look at the picture below. It is really her DS Hadi were saying about.

I have to agree with DS Hadi Awang. Azizah is a parrot who just do what been told by her master which no other than her husband Anuar Ibrahim. The best and precise words to describe her. A Parrot. She has no charismatic mind and attitudes to be a leader. She was just good to be a humble servant to her master. Did what has been told. Sad but true. Compete here, compete there, elections here and there as just what has been ordered to her by her master. She doesn't have the brain of a leader. Sorry to say. Thats the truth.

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