Monday, 16 March 2015

BBJ 737-700 NG - Rafizi's Fantasy Turn To Nightmare

Malaysian Government has a number of corporate jets being used by the DYMM Agong, PM, TPM and also the Sultans. The jet referred to the one claimed by Rafizis on his latest accusations against DS Najib and Malaysia Government was the longstanding government purchased jet which nearly 20 years old in age which is no other than BBJ 737-700 NG, next generation Boeing Business Jet.

As usual. Rafizi never do his homework well on any issue. He only interested to talk and talk and talk with most of it just an empty talk. Maybe he is just retaliate against DS Najib legal suits against him. Let me explore more on what he has accused the government today. What he didn't know about the decisions why need to change the plane. Factor of age causing the maintenance costs high. Major overhauls in every 10 years. Imagine an engines which has already undergone first major overhauls and very soon for the second. Would it be better? In engineering perspective and point of view the answer will be NO.

This plane often having technical problem as where and when. Last year for example, the plane carrying the Queen facing technical problems when airborne and cause it to lost altitude dramatically. All the passengers was unconscious, including the Queen. Few years back, the plane nearly to crash due to overun while landing in Alor Star causing engine damage. These few series of incident, thank god no one were seriously injured.

Prime Minister, His Majesty the King and Queen were among the most frequently used this VVIP jet. The plane originally belonged to TS Tajuddin Ramli, due to some of problems he faced, he sold the plane to the government during the era of Tun Mahathir.

Although the letter of acceptance and agreement has been made for the new jet, it will only be implemented after BBJ 737-700 NG is sold. Norudin Captain Majid is among the partners in the company Jet Premier One Sdn Bhd. We all knew this guy in the event of MH370, Captain Norudin was among the many aviation experts interviewed by the media. He is jack of all trades in aviation. Lately many accidents involving aircraft worldwide. Is it simply because of safety reason. There will be no compromising with safety. It's all about safety of crew and head of government whom using the plane in country official works.

Rafizi, there will always a room to ask rather than concludes something than you don't know. You will just end up fantasizing your own nightmare. Again, Malaysian are not stupid. You are! And that is the facts!

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