Monday, 30 March 2015

Becoming Hannah - A Hypocrite In Her Own Words

At time of crisis and emergencies, she still looking for help from the police. Actually, by judging to her act, she have faith in PDRM and IGP. The only things that Pakatan politician's have something in common is, most of them are hypocrites. Just because they are the opposition's, everything good deeds from the government they have to opposed it. Nothing like this before. Weeks before, she was so active criticizing PDRM.

Would It be better Hannah with her comrades start abiding the law and let the police do their work. They know the best how to keep this country in peace and safe to lived. Also, Hannah stop wasting your precious defending criminals. Those who were detained have all the reasons should be in accordance to law of this country. Better for you be with your families rather than being away all night long elsewhere where you were not belong. Finally, stop being a hypocrite. Police in this country are doing the best on what they do. Stop dragging them into politics which it aint going to influence them anyhow. Have faith. Not wrong becoming normal decent Malaysian.

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